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Things to do in Herefordshire

Amazing, fun things to do in Herefordshire, days out in and around Herefordshire to help keep you and your whole family entertained for hours! Family days out and great places for kids to go in Herefordshire.

Water Gardens of North Herefordshire

Sometimes on a hot day nothing will do but a trip around the water gardens of North Herefordshire! Last summer we enjoyed three gardens all with lots of water along with cups of tea and plenty of cake.

Ralph Court Gardens

Ralph Court Gardens is the most expensive option and the one that captured our interest for the longest. At £25 for a family or £8 per adult it won’t break the bank though. The gardens are fun, funny and fascinating and there is lots of water everywhere.

One of us got a bit too close to the green man and got a soaking! We didn’t stop for the full Alice in Wonderland afternoon tea, but we did manage a scone with jam and cream. The views from the gardens are a fabulous bonus too!

The nearest Trail is at Bromyard, which is less than 3 miles away.

Water Gardens of North Herefordshire - Ralph Court Gardens
Water Gardens of North Herefordshire - Westonbury Mill Water Gardens

Westonbury Mill Water Gardens

The beauty of Westonbury Mill Water Gardens is you can dawdle for hours amongst the different parts of the garden. We sat for over 20 minutes on one bench waiting for the cuckoo clock to do its thing. To be fair, we did get there with 20 minutes to spare before the clock struck 4. It was well worth the wait!

The water mill itself is fascinating to watch too. The cafe serves fabulous cakes and we sat outside in the sunshine enjoying a cup of tea and a slice of Victoria sponge each. Entrance is just £6 per adult and we were there for an entire afternoon - great value.

The closest Trail is at Kington, which is just 5 miles further west.

Kenchester Water Gardens

The best bit about Kenchester Water Gardens are they are free to wander around. They are attached to a shop which sells everything you can possible want to do with ponds and fish tanks. The shop is almost as interesting as the gardens themselves.

The friends we were with bought a beautiful stork to put next to their pond. Then it was time for a cup of tea and home made biscuit. After which we browsed the plant sales before heading home.

With options of three Hereford Trails, just three miles away, you will be spoilt for choice!

Water Gardens of North Herefordshire - Kenchester Water Gardens

18th June 2018

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Things to do at Hereford Cathedral

Hereford’s big claim to fame is that the Cathedral houses the Mappa Mundi, a Magna Carta and a Chained Library. These are treasures of international importance. And definitely worth seeing.

Mappa Mundi

We regularly take our visitors to the Hereford Cathedral where the Mappa Mundi exhibition is. They are always taken aback that this original medieval world map has survived and is on permanent display. It is absolutely fascinating especially when you have the English translation to hand. The exhibition itself is quite small and even the youngest child with us found something to hold his attention. You have to walk through the cafe to get to the exhibition, so we usually stop for a cuppa on the way in or out!

Things to do at Hereford Cathedral - Mappa Mundi
Things to do at Hereford Cathedral - Chained Library

Chained Library

Alongside the Mappa Mundi is a unique chained library. All the books are chained to the bookcases! Apparently many of the books have been in the cathedral for more than 900 years. The day we were there, the guide was holding an iPad with his notes on. We had a giggle about it but sadly no photos are allowed in the library! It is a very atmospheric place but I must admit, it didn’t hold the attention of our youngest!

Four copies of the original Magna Carta survive and Hereford Cathedral houses one of them. It has lost its seals and is only about the size of an A3 sheet of paper. But its value is huge! We have been to the Cathedral numerous times, but to date haven’t seen it as it isn’t often on display. Instead, we have a wander around the Cathedral itself. There is always loads to see and they change the exhibitions quite frequently. We always make for the Lady Chapel and the Thomas Traherne stained glass windows. You walk through a secret door and get to see the most amazing story telling windows.

Things to do at Hereford Cathedral - Magna Carta and a cuppa

29th May 2018

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