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Walking for Charity

Raising money for charity used to be simply rattling a tin in the High Street on a Saturday, but not any more. People think up all sorts of ingenious and interesting ways to raise money for good causes and there are lots of good causes from high profile national and international charities to little local ones all wanting and needing cash. 

I don’t have facts and figures to substantiate this, but it seems to me that walking for charity has gained in popularity in the last decade or so.

People have done sponsored walks for over 40 years though – I remember doing a 26 mile sponsored walk (with no training) when at school. It was fun despite the bruises and blisters on the day and the aching legs the next day. Many of my memories of school days have faded away, but I do remember the sponsored walk!

Choosing a Charity

Put ‘walking for charity’ into a Google search and there is a vast choice of charities to choose from.  Probably the most famous though are the walks undertaken by millions of women in aid of the breast cancer charities including the Moon Walks, Night Walks and Pink Ribbon walks. Often these walks have a selection of lengths to complete which means that whatever your level of fitness you can take part.

Walking for CharityAnd take part I did, a few years ago I completed a night walk for a local hospice to help raise funds and it was such an inspirational night. The event was incredibly well organised and there was something magical about setting off so late and then traversing the town at midnight with scores of other women along the way, many of whom were in fancy dress! 

Extreme Walks

One of the Treasure Trails’ partners has recently been training hard for the Nijmegen 4 Day (100 mile) March this year as part of the Walk the Walk team  and in doing so will be raising much needed funds for the fight against breast cancer.

Dave has taken on this challenge to support his wife, who has undertaken the 4 day march a whopping eleven times. He will be the only male member of the Walk theWalk team and to maintain the corporate identity he too will be wearing the obligatory Sparkly Pink Bra T-Shirt!

Walking for CharityHis training plan is to complete 1,000 miles of walking before the main event and he is over half way. To date he has gone through two pairs of walking shoes, numerous options on trying to find the “right socks”, more blisters than he cares to remember and has resorted to surgical spirit to toughen up his obvious “for office use only” feet! Whilst he would love to write a Trail or two whilst he is out there the expected pace of 15 minute miles rules out that possibility!

Dave said “Walking is a relatively easy way in which to raise money – no specialist skills required and apart from a decent pair of shoes no specialist equipment either” and if you’d like to sponsor him, he would be delighted. 

Close to home

To raise money for charity through walking doesn’t have to be extreme distances though and walking is often much easier to get involved in than jumping out of a plane (with a parachute of course) or abseiling down the Shard or hiking across the Sahara – although if those things float your boat, good luck to you. Walking a 5km or 10km walk is much more possible by most of us and needn’t mean weeks and weeks of training beforehand. Put 5km walk for charity into Google and lots of options come up – there is bound to be one close to home to suit you and your family if you are looking for things to do for charity!

Using Treasure Trails to raise money

Dave also told us “local youth groups have used our permanent Treasure Trails as the basis for fundraising – if I get a local group wanting to use the Trails I discount each Trail copy and I recommend they run the event as part of a larger ‘do’ (such as a BBQ) thus allowing them the opportunity to ‘mark up’ the entry fee to cover food etc plus make a bit of profit for their group.”

Contact your local Trail Writing partner, or speak to our Head Office in Cornwall, and see what discounts we can offer for bulk purchase.

27th May 2015

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Walking Home: My Family and Other Rambles: An Occasional Series About Favourite Walking Books

Walking Home: My Family and Other Rambles: An Occasional Series About Favourite Walking BooksOnce again we’ve come across a book about walking that we have enjoyed and feel the need to review! The last review we shared was way back in July 2013 and was a review of Robert McFarlane’s “The Old Ways”.

Walking Home : My Family and Other Rambles is written by Clare Balding. Clare’s popularity has grown since the 2012 Olympics and she is now classed as a national treasure, a title she has probably got used to, but I think was a surprise to her initially.

Clare’s style is very easy to read and the book doesn’t take long to gallop through. She is chatty and engaging and if you are interested in other people’s loves and lives, you will enjoy Clare’s open sharing of the humdrum of her every day life both at home and at work. This isn’t a book that will tax a literary brain.

I wanted to read the book because I enjoy walking. Much of the book refers to the Radio 4 programme called Ramblings. The formula of the programme is Clare meets someone interesting and walks with them talking about interesting things. The book gives insight into many of the programmes and people that she met as well as chatting about her relationship with the producer and other members of the team. It sounds such fun as well work. Sadly the programme is no longer being broadcast, but there are 79 podcasts that can be downloaded and listened to if you fancy it.  Maybe you can add them to your things to do on a rainy day list!

I read the book on a kindle, but it is also available in hardback. There are also loads of very positive reviews about it in the Amazon store too, so if you aren’t convinced to pick it up and read it yet, do take a look at other people’s opinions.   

We’d love to hear what your favourite books about walking are. Tell us on facebook or in the comments box below.

18th February 2015

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