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Inspirational ideas for your body and brain

Trail Training Part I


We want to help you with some mental and physical motivation to boost your energy levels, finish January and February with a smile and be in tip top shape for your next Trail adventure!

We are big kids, so we’ll leave the science to the scientists, but we’ve got some cool facts, figures and challenges for you below. Our aim? Bring a smile to your face.

But first, let’s start easy with Part I of our three-part Trail Training Program. Up first, our 14-Day Brain Training Challenge!


Daily Brain Training

Get puzzling with 14 super-quick brain ticklers delivered to your inbox over 14 days. There’s no prize other than waking up your brain to become more alert this winter.

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Some cool things to know


It’s January; the telly is flooded with get-fit, get-active. But we aren’t about body transformation, just some simple ideas to give you an excuse for some fresh air and a bit of walking.

Our Trails average around 2 hours of outside time, over a couple of miles. There are over 1,200 self-guided themed Trails exploring hidden corners of towns, cities and villages around the UK. Great for all ages, if you’re working from home and the kids aren’t at school, or you’re retired and need a reason to get out… awesome, we’ve got you covered!

Did you know that, as well as having a serious amount of fun, you’ll get all these health benefits, plus loads more.



What’s coming up?


We are currently devising some pretty silly activities which you can do to step up the heart rate and train for our Trails; if you want to see those low-down Clues, you got to be able to squat, right?!

4th January 2021

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