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Love Where You Live: MISSION FOUR!


MISSION 04 Banner | Love Where You Live


We’re on the search for the UK’s coolest and quirkiest curiosities and want to hear why you Love Where You Live! This week, we’re asking you to shout loud and proud about your local… events, eats and traditions! 

Have you got a local event that’s a little bit different? How about a tradition that you haven’t quite shaken in your neck of the woods? Of course, let’s not forget about those favourite feasts and treats! We want to know all about them, and we’ll pick our favourites to feature in our Entertaining Events, Eats and Traditions blog post. 


Up For Grabs


As well as the kudos of being a TT #LoveWhereYouLive Ambassador, and the chance to have your local curiosities featured for all to see, you may be rewarded with a prize! 

All submissions featured on our Entertaining Events, Eats and Traditions blog will receive a Treasure Trails voucher. PLUS, our three top picks will be awarded the MISSION FOUR Star Prize: 

A Cream Tea Hamper in the post from our friends at The Cornish Hamper Store!


The Top Prize - Cream Tea Hampers | Love Where You Live




Your fourth MISSION is to delve into your local events and traditions, recipes and delicacies, and show us how you do things down your way. 

Need some inspiration? We’ve got a few ideas to kick-start your assignment! 



St Columb Hurling – an annual event where Townsmen and Countrymen compete to throw a silver ball across town to get it in their goal! The first hour sees the ball kept in town and passed around (it’s good luck to hold the ball!), and then the competition begins properly.  

Click here to find out all about it! 



We’re sure you’ve all heard of jellied eels, but have you eaten them? Originating out of London’s East End, they’re usually eaten cold. If you do try them, a bit of vinegar and white pepper sets them off a treat but you’ll need to eat around the bone!  

Fancy making your own? Try this recipe!



One of the oldest running traditions still performed in England, the setting of the watch by the blowing of a horn happens in Ripon each and every night at 9pm, come rain or shine. Usually carried out in the market square, the ceremony is currently being conducted in the Hornblowers’ gardens, still within the Parish boundaries.   

Click here to see the watch being set live every night! 


MISSION FOUR Events, Eats and Traditions Inspiration | Love Where You Live




Submit the details of your local events, eats or traditions, along with your details and a photo (if you have one), via the form below.  

All submissions need to be received by 11:59pm on Wednesday 25th November. So, don’t delay – search around for those quirky curiosities today!   

We’ll announce our favourites and share our Entertaining Events, Eats and Traditions blog post on Thursday 26thNovember, and we’ll contact all winners directly. We’ll brief you on the details of MISSION FIVE then as well, so keep your eyes peeled! 




Sorry! The MISSION FOUR deadline has now passed, so we can’t accept any more brilliant and bizarre events, eats and traditions – you can see the winners here. Don’t worry; there’s plenty more you can get involved with! Take a peek below to see what’s coming up…


Want to Get Ahead of the Game?


If you’re seeking out fun local facts and discover something cool or quirky, it might fit a later mission, so take a look at what’s coming up too: 

MISSION #05: Signs that make you go ‘ha’ or ‘huh?’ 

MISSION #06: Not a lot of people know this but… tucked away treasures or facts.


Love Where You Live Mission Examples | Love Where You Live


Warm Up With an Energetic Expedition!


The evenings are getting darker, the air is getting colder, but that doesn’t mean adventure is off the table! 

Never mind the weather; warm your household up with an energetic expedition! Pick up your local Treasure Trail and get out there for your daily walk (with a twist). You might even learn some cool, quirky facts to give you some inspiration for your vital MISSION! 



Enjoy an Autumnal Adventure | Love Where You Live


Get Social


You can even post your curious events, eats and traditions to the Treasure Trails Facebook page, or tag us on Twitter and Instagram too! Be sure to use the hashtag #LoveWhereYouLiveMission4 for your submissions, and follow us for MISSION UPDATES, weekly puzzles and lots of exploration inspiration! 


26th November 2020

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Your Amazing Art Finds


A picture paints a thousand words, and we like to think that spectacular sculptures, statues and street-art does the same! 

This week, we sent you, our local agents, out on an art-spotting mission to seek out the weird and wonderful artwork from around your neck of the woods. Here are our top picks for your Amazing Art Finds across the UK!  


Our No. 1 Art Find


Mission Three Winner - Amazing Artwork


Location: Sneinton Market, Nottingham

Submitted by:  Nigel Sarsfield

Artwork Notes: Amazing spray art – there’s a graffiti shop here so it’s not surprising there are plenty of great artworks in the area!

Congratulations to Nigel – you’ve won the Sketching Starter Kit so it’s time to get creative! 


The Best of the Rest


1 Mission Three Amazing Artwork Isle of Wight

Location: Isle of Wight

Submitted by:  Beverley Giles

Artwork Notes:  Found peeping out of the trees along the Red Squirrel Trail between Sandown and Newchurch.


2 Mission Three Amazing Artwork Bromley

Location: Market Square, Bromley, Kent

Submitted by:  Katherine Rider

Artwork Notes:  Lovely Charles Darwin mural, marks the fact that Darwin lived in Downe for many years.


3 Mission Three Amazing Artwork Preston

Location: Preston

Submitted by:  Chloe Higgins

Artwork Notes:  This art mural has been painted at the Northern way pub in Preston. It’s about coronavirus. Chloe says: “It’s a very moving piece of art work from my point of view as my mum is a nurse and works for the NHS on a covid Ward. She has also beat the virus herself.”


4 Mission Three Amazing Artwork nr Lichfield

Location: Shenstone, Nr Lichfield

Submitted by:  Jade Prince

Artwork Notes:  This fallen tree has be re-sculptured into a fish beside the Bourne Brooke on the Lammas Land, Shenstone, near Lichfield. He also has a few dear friends on the other side of the water.


5 Mission Three Amazing Artwork Oswestry

Location: Oswestry

Submitted by:  Sandra Bird

Artwork Notes:  These guys are always hanging around outside a pub in Oswestry.

6 Mission Three Amazing Artwork Ramsgate

Location: Ramsgate

Submitted by:  Jane Young

Artwork Notes:  Ramsgate on the entrance to a now unused lift from the west cliff tops down to the beach.

7 Mission Three Amazing Artwork Aberdeen

Location: Hazlehead Park, Aberdeen

Submitted by:  Susan Middler

Artwork Notes:  It looks like this poor guy is stuck on a clue 🤣

8 Mission Three Amazing Artwork Sheffield

Location: Sheffield

Submitted by:  E Alvey

Artwork Notes:  Phlegm’s art appears all over Sheffied. It’s art like this that makes me love this slighly downtrodden city.
This beauty is opposite Mount Zion on Westfield Terrace, Sheffield.

9 Mission Three Amazing Artwork Cheltenham

Location: Cheltenham

Submitted by:  Helene Grandison

Artwork Notes:  This shark is on the Honeybourne Line in Cheltenham. Really clever.

10 Mission Three Amazing Artwork norwich

Location: Norwich

Submitted by:  Martin Thirkettle

Artwork Notes:  This is an illustration of some of the prominent buildings in the Norwich skyline painted on the side of a building in Castle Street, Norwich.



Our Trail Writers’ Top Picks


TW Amazing Artwork Picks


TOP L-R: Callington, Cornwall – Callington is well know for its murals – this is one of several which depict the history of the town. Nr Maenporth, Cornwall – Nature’s Art! Digbeth – just one of several amazing artworks you’ll spot on the Digbeth Treasure Trail!

BOTTOM L-R: Lower Largo – Malagan Scultpure – amazing art by Alan Faulds who paints on driftwood. Poplar, London – The Traffic Light Tree! Truro, Cornwall – part of a fairy village hidden away in a small woodland.


Your Next Assignment!


Your fourth MISSION is now live! You have until 11:59pm on Wednesday 25th November to shout loud and proud about your local… events, eats and traditions! 

We want to know all about what goes on down your way. Whether it’s entertaining events and traditions that take place where you live or strange recipes and delicacies that originate from (or only exist in) your hometown, let us know! 



MISSION FOUR Events, Eats and Traditions Inspiration | Love Where You Live


Get Social


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19th November 2020

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