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Gifts for Father’s Day

It is so important to spend quality time with your Dad don’t you think? And of course not just on one day in the year.

Showing your Dad that you love and respect him and want to spend time with him is the best gift of all. Finding something to do with your Dad that you both enjoy may be an annual challenge or it may be really easy for you and your family.

Obviously we are biased, but we can’t think of anything better to do with your Dad on Father’s Day that go for a walk with a purpose!

Treasure Trails for Father’s Day

If you are an organised sort of person, then you can look at the catalogue of Trails on the website by region and select one that appeals to you. Choosing is easy – decide how far from home you want to travel; whether you want to use one of the driving or cycling Trails or stick to walking; and which theme would appeal.

Once you’ve chosen where you want to go, there are three more options

Gifts for Father’s Day - Please choose your Trail format options

The choice is all yours but how much time you’ve got before Father’s Day could dictate which option you go for.

Print at Home (PDF Download)

This is the one to opt for when you are in rush (perhaps its Father’s Day morning) and you can simply select to download, pay the purchase price and you will receive an email with a link to download from. Print the Trail on your home printer, fold it into a booklet and hey presto a gift for Father’s Day that is certain to be a hit. Make sure you download within 48 hours of receiving the link though.

Printed by Us

With a bit more planning, you can have the Trail booklet posted out to you first class. Whilst the content is the same as the downloaded version, this time it comes in a wrapper and is professionally printed and is stiff enough to gift wrap.

Personalised by You

For the super organised, you can personalise your chosen Trail on line using the Treasure Trails’ bespoke software. It makes the Treasure Trail experience even more special as you can change the wording of the title and back story, upload a picture on the front cover, and even add photos of your loved ones to the list of murder suspects. Your Trail will be posted first class and should be delivered to you within 3 working days. The Personalised Trail is only available as a printed version, not as a pdf download.

Off-line Challenge

Make Father’s Day a really special occasion and contact one of our Treasure Trails’ writers who can create a challenge for your Dad based around a town or village in our catalogue. The challenge will include extra games to do along the route of the Trail and depending on Dad’s interests might be a treasure collection, photo competition and quiz!  If you pick this option, you need to make a quick decision as the challenges take a couple of weeks to design.

Let us know where you decide to explore on Father’s Day – it is one of the most popular things to do in our family! 

10th June 2015

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23 Reasons a Treasure Trail Makes a Great Gift

  1. 23 Reasons a Treasure Trail Makes a Great Gift - Father XmasTreasure Trails are suitable as a solution for things to do with kids especially 7 year olds and upwards
  2. Adults love them
  3. Although it is mostly women who download them, we know that men really enjoy Treasure Trails
  4. They can be done at your pace and in your own time
  5. A healthy gift experience, although a bit of chocolate to go with them wouldn’t go amiss
  6. If you want to give something educational, Treasure Trails tick that box
  7. They can be easily posted to friends and families
  8. Treasure Trails are a green gift because they can be recycled afterwards
  9. Go that extra mile and create a personalised Treasure Trail on line quickly and simply
  10. When you need something under £10 for a Secret Santa, a Treasure Trail fits the bill
  11. They are unusual as there are millions of people out there who still haven’t tried one!
  12. If you get an unexpected guest on the day, a Treasure Trail can be downloaded on Christmas morning
  13. They don’t need anything added to them like batteries or other extras
  14. Can entertain a whole family for a couple of hours for less than 3 cups of coffee
  15. There are over 1,000 locations across the UK to choose from for something to do at short notice
  16. Try combining a Treasure Trail with a really nice pen, or a spy thriller, or murder mystery novel
  17. They are attractively packaged
  18. A gift that can be shared with others giving everyone something to do together
  19. Treasure Trails are one of those pressies, that the giver can enjoy alongside the receiver
  20. Perfect for people who are hard to buy for
  21. The recipient could be in with a chance to win £1,00023 Reasons a Treasure Trail Makes a Great Gift - Sleigh
  22. A Treasure Trail needn’t be a one off gift, because if the receiver gets the bug, they will have a new, fun hobby for the next few years and will find things to do in lots of the towns and cities in the UK
  23. Oh and Treasure Trails are lovely and light for Father Christmas to carry in his sleigh!

Can you think of any other reasons? We’d love to add to the list, please comment below.


10th December 2014

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