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Wild Explorers – Five lessons we can learn about exploring from animals


We already know that our canine pals are the perfect companions on a Treasure Trail with these five tell-tail signs that your dog is a top explorer.

But, our four-legged friends aren’t the only ones who can teach us a thing or two about avoiding enemy agents, tracking down the treasure and examining the evidence! Delve into the world of wild explorers to really hone your treasure-seeking skills with tips from the pros.


Five lessons we can learn about exploring from animals


1. Follow your instincts


Sometimes, when out searching for clues and answers, you just have to go with your gut! Hawks are known for their strong instincts. They know where to go to give themselves the best chance of finding good prey. Plus, they know instinctively the best time to swoop to ensure they grab their prize! We can also learn from their circling technique, scanning the ground below for clues to where their next meal will come from.

So next time you’re stuck on a clue or not sure which way to go, survey the wider area in case you missed something, and go with your gut instinct to hone in on that all-important answer!


Follow your instinct like a hawk


2. Work hard – don’t give up!


When you’re stuck on a super sneaky clue, it’s important to keep trying and not give up! Busy bees don’t just work hard to maintain their hive and look after their queen; they also work seamlessly as a team. Pull your whole squad together to make the tricky clues a lot easier to crack.


Work hard like a bee


3. Take your time


Slow and steady wins the race! Just like a tortoise and their other slow pals – sloths, snails and starfish – you don’t want to rush ahead when you’re exploring. If you sprint onwards in search of your next clue, you may slip straight past it… or past the muddy footprints of rival treasure seekers! Slow down and take your time to fully observe your surroundings and discover tucked-away treasures or super sneaky clues.


Take your time like a tortoise


4. Never forget


An elephant never forgets, and neither does a goldfish (despite the rumours)! You never know when something you’ve spotted during your expedition may prove useful, so it’s important to pay attention and commit anything you notice to memory. Or, tap into your detective training and make notes as you go to ensure anything important is on hand to help you crack the case.


Never forget like an elephant


5. Don’t forget to play!


Dolphins love to play. They jump and spin in the air and have been known to surf the waves too! We’re not suggesting jumping or surfing will help you find any clues, but we can still learn a lot from dolphins. So next time you and your team are stuck on a clue, remember that your number one aim is to have fun! Pop into a playground (kids only!), or have a drink stop to take a break from searching, then return to your mission, quest, or investigation invigorated and ready to solve those final clues!


Play like a dolphin - wild explorers


Wild Explorers Logic Puzzle


Are you ready to put your own explorer skills to the test? Solve the clues in our Wild Explorers Logic Puzzle and see if you have what it takes!

Once you think you’ve solved it, check to see if you’re right. You’ll find a link to the answers below.


Wild Explorers Logic Puzzle


Solved the wild explorer puzzle?



Practice your wild explorer skills for real!


Now that you’ve picked up some new adventuring skills from a bunch of wild explorers, it’s time to take flight and sink your claws into a Treasure Trail!

Don’t ruffle any feathers in your hunt for the deactivation code on a spy mission Trail – vanish into the surroundings like a chameleon to avoid being caught by enemy agents. Use your eagle-eyed vision to monitor your surroundings as you sniff out the evidence on a detective mission, and use the balance of a cat to avoid triggering booby traps on a treasure hunt.

All you need for a day full of excitement and adventure is a curious mind and a Treasure Trail! Where will your next journey into the wild take you?



Family Fun - Wild Explorers





May 2021 Wild Explorers Logic Puzzle T&Cs *COMPETITION NOW CLOSED


  • There are 10 Treasure Trails Vouchers up for grabs.
  • A Treasure Trails Voucher is valid for a ‘Print at Home’ or ‘Printed by Us’ Trail. They can be used for any Trail available for sale on our website.
  • Open to UK residents, excluding employees of Treasure Trails.
  • Winners will be chosen at random from all correct answers.
  • Only one entry per person/email address (first answer counts!)
  • The closing date for entries is 11:59pm on Monday 3rd May 2021.
  • The judges’ decision is final.
  • Entry is via the entry form on this page only.
  • Winners will be notified and emailed with their Voucher Code within five days of the closing date.  
  • The winner’s names and entries will be available on request.
  • The promoter is Armstrong Best Ltd t/a Treasure Trails, Truro.
  • By participating in this prize draw, entrants confirm they have read, understood and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.


16th April 2021

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Explore with your senses: Taste


Are you ready for some deliciously entertaining activities? That’s perfect, ‘cause we’re exploring with our taste this week! We’ve already looked into the fun ways we can play with and test our senses of sight, sound, smell and touch. If you missed them, check them out here!

We’re concluding our journey through the senses with the super sense of taste. Our sense of taste is amazing! We experience so many different tastes daily – whether it’s the sweet taste of a morning cuppa or bedtime hot chocolate, the savoury taste of the snacks fuelling our expedition or, of course, the taste of victory after unearthing the hidden treasure! We use our sense of taste all the time, and it’s even linked to our sense of smell!


Taste - Treasure Trails


But there’s more to our sense of taste than we realise, and more ways we can play with it and test it out for fun! Check out our fun facts and sensory activities that will help you explore with your sense of taste.


Sensational facts about taste


There are lots of cool things you may not know about your sense of taste or your mouth.

  • Have you ever seen a diagram of a tongue with different sections marked as sweet or salty? It’s wrong! Any taste bud can perceive any taste. You have tastebuds on the roof of your mouth, inside your cheeks and in your throat too. 
  • Whether or not you like the taste of coriander or not may be linked to your genetics. Some people have a variant in one of their genes that is super sensitive to aldehyde chemicals, which are found in coriander. It makes the herb taste like soap! 
  • Everyone has a varied number of tastebuds, which is why things taste different to each person. You might have anywhere between 2000-10,000, while some people have even more! 


Taste - amazing fact


  • Have you ever drunk juice after brushing your teeth or eating a particular meal and noticed it tastes weird? You can actually tweak your tastebuds by mixing different foods with certain chemicals. One of the chemicals in toothpaste suppresses your sweetness receptors, as does a compound in artichokes. 
  • Your sense of taste and smell are linked. If you can’t smell very well due to a nasty cold, you’ll find that your sense of taste in dampened too. 


But what about taste in the rest of nature?


Not all animals can taste in the same way humans do – some have much better taste receptors, while others can barely taste at all!

  • Catfish have more than 100,000 tastebuds – that’s more than 10x as many as humans have – and some larger catfish have up to 175,000! They have taste buds all over their bodies, but mainly on their mouth and whiskers, and can taste when food is nearby, which helps them hunt.
  • At the other end of the scale, chickens only have 24-30 tastebuds. 
  • Several animals can’t taste sweet foods, including cats – domestic or wild, like lions and tigers – and dolphins. 




Explore with taste at home


There are tonnes of ways that you can explore with your sense of taste at home. Try these activities out!


Activity #01: Make a meal out of it!


We all have our favourite foods, our favourite tastes – how can we not when chocolate tastes so good?! But how often do you really take your time while eating, savouring every delicious bite or spoonful?

Take the time to truly treasure those tastes by selecting some of your favourite bite-sized goodies and making them last for at least one minute when you eat them. How does it taste – is it sweet, salty, sour? Is it super juicy and ‘popping’ in your mouth? Does it bring back any memories or trigger certain emotions?

Not only will this reaffirm your appreciation for your favourite tasty treats, but it will also help to remind you to take your time during mealtimes to truly savour the flavour.


Activity #02: That tastes like…


Now that you’re a pro at savouring the flavours of your favourite goodies, it’s time to kick it up a notch!

Take it in turns to choose three mystery foods and make sure the portions are either bite-sized or fit on a spoon. Then, have the other sensory explorers put blindfolds on and feed them the foods one by one for a taste test! Have them each describe the food they’re tasting – the types of flavours, the textures and whether they like it! – before guessing what it is.

CAUTION: You’ll need to have an adult sensory explorer check that all of the foods are suitable for eating before you hold the blindfold tests. Please be aware of allergies, disliked foods and choking hazards.


Activity #03: Cook up a storm!


Grab your chefs hats and aprons – it’s time to get cooking! Challenge your fellow sensory explorers to a cook-off by picking five ingredients from the cupboards and fridge that they have to use to create a dish for you all to eat.

The five ingredients must include one carbohydrate (pasta, rice, grain, bread or potato), one vegetable and one item from the herbs and spices rack. The other two ingredients are your choice. Score their creation out of 10 for taste and presentation since we eat with our eyes too!

CAUTION: You’ll need to have an adult sensory explorer to help with the cooking by making sure the ingredients are suitable for eating and that everyone is safe around the knives, oven and stovetop. Please be aware of allergies, disliked foods and choking hazards.


kids cooking


What a puzzling sense…taste!


For taste, we’re tantalizing your taste buds by tasking you with re-creating the perfect sandwich! There are certainly some interesting taste combinations going on. Your job is to solve the recipe riddle to work out where the fillings go! Good luck!

COMPETITION NOW CLOSED, but you can still solve the puzzle just for fun! Find the answers below…


Taste Puzzle



Puzzle answer



Make ’em laugh!


Taste joke


Closely examine the morsels of evidence like a true super sleuth on a Treasure Trail!


Now that you’ve challenged yourselves to some fun sensory activities, it’s time to test your sense of taste on your local Trail adventure! Use it enjoy sipping a drink as you blend in with the crowds on a spy mission, savour that tasty snack to keep you fuelled on a stake-out and see if you can taste that gold as you bite down on it to see if it’s real at the end of your treasure hunt.

But, while you’re out and about, try to stay conscious of all the different ways you could use the sense and knowledge of taste in your surroundings. Has the vile villain been here to plot their crime using that inedible plant? Will that water keep you refreshed during a perilous quest? Definitely not – it’s seawater! – but, luckily, there’s a snack shop around the corner. Wait… what’s that lingering in the air? The taste of victory, of course – you cracked the code and saved the day!



Explore with your senses - Taste


Wow – you really are sensory explorers now!


Our journey through the senses may be over, but you can still go back and test out your skills as a qualified sensory explorer. Follow this link to keep exploring the five senses, and remember you have until 11:59pm on Monday 29th March 2021 to crack all five puzzles!



Competition T&Cs – Senses Puzzles

  • There are five prizes of a Treasure Trails Voucher available, one for each of five puzzles: Sight, Sound, Smell, Touch and Taste.
  • Open to UK residents, excluding employees and associates of Treasure Trails.
  • Entry is via the submission form on each of the five senses pages only.
  • All valid entries will be looked at and winning entries chosen by the team at Treasure Trails.
  • Closing date for entries is 11:59pm on Monday 29th March 2021
  • The judges’ decision is final.
  • One entry per household, per puzzle is permitted.
  • The winners will be notified via email within 5 days of the closing date.
  • The winners names will be available on request and may be published on our website.
  • The prize is non-transferable, and no monetary alternative will be offered.
  • No purchase necessary.
  • The promoter is Armstrong Best Ltd t/a Treasure Trails, Truro.
  • By participating in this competition, entrants confirm they have read, understood and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.
  • This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook or Instagram.

22nd March 2021

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