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A little help from your furry friends…


We generally design Treasure Trails with humans in mind. You need human skills for purchasing online, receiving your Trail, planning your journey and getting ready for your day out.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t take along a little friend or two for some extra help and support!

We’ve seen many a stuffed explorer companion in your Trail photos. Here are just some of our favourites:


Our furry friends hall of fame




Hen-Rietta Explorer Chicken


If you think chickens don’t have what it takes to make great treasure hunters, think again! That constant pecking on the ground isn’t just to find their next morsel to eat. They’re also secretly checking every inch of earth for signs of buried treasure.

Hen-Rietta is dab hand a spotting clues. However, she sometimes gets distracted trying to work out what came first, the chicken or the egg…


Buccaneer Foxy and First Mate Monkey


Conwy Captain Toby Bucaneer Foxy and First Mate Monkey


Captain Toby keeps a tight ship, but he wouldn’t be without Buccaneer Foxy or First Mate Monkey, his trusted shipmates. They’re in charge of the treasure map and waving the Jolly Roger to make sure everyone knows they’re coming and gets out of their way.

If you happen to meet these three bold pirates on your next adventure, do say hello but only if you’re brave enough; we can’t promise they don’t bite!


Super Sleuth Agent Barnaby and Secret Agent Radar


Eyemouth Super Sleuth Agent Barnaby and Agent Radar


If you go down to the woods today, you’d better go in disguise, just like these two incognito agents who didn’t want to get dragged into the teddy bear’s picnic.

Dark glasses are a must, and a hat or tie to complete the look. Are Agents Barnaby and Radar really just stuffed bears, or do they conceal hidden cameras keeping a constant eye out for enemy agents as they explore?


Simeon the red-haired gibbon


Simeon and The Green Witch Trail


Our friend Simeon is a regular Treasure Trailer. He’s been spotted in the Greater London area in Greenwich, Bloomsbury and Covent Garden.

Simeon is an intrepid explorer and likes to get involved in all aspects of the Trails. He especially likes getting up close to anything a clue is set on to make sure nothing is missed.

You can check out his adventures in the links below and see lots of photos of what he’s been getting up to:

Check him out in Simeon and the Bloomsbury Treasures

Admire his skills in Simeon and the Green Witch’s Treasure

See him in Super Sleuth mode in Simeon investigates Covent Garden


Oonicle the Unicorn!



Message from Oonicle:

Today we went on a secret spy mission! I was team leader (obviously) and we were all assigned names (of my choosing ☺️). As Agent X, I had command and had to lead my troops through a dangerous mission, gathering clues whilst avoiding detection so we could unlock the secret code. The day didn’t get off to a flyer, as Warmies, aka Agent Floppy, threw a wobbly as she didn’t like her name but hey…. it could’ve been MUCH worse 😈😈 (don’t ask Bella what hers was 🤣🤣🤣).

We managed to gather all but one clue, I think we were double crossed but after some intelligent ‘guess work’ by me, er sorry the team, we unlocked the code 🥳👏🥳 – I have contacted mission control and I, sorry we (must stop doing that) await our reward!!!

We got home in time before the heavens really opened and good OLD Dady is making fajitas for dinner!!! 😋🤤 just what we need after a long hard day.

Have a good evening ‘corns 😘🦄



Do YOU have a super stuffed Trail companion?


We’d love to see them! Snap them out on your next Trail and send your pics in to us via the website or social media. We’ll pick our favourites to join the furry friends above in our furry friends hall of fame!


Wondering what real animals can teach us about exploring?


Take a peek at our Wild Explorers blog post to find five things we can learn from animals and use these to help us on our next Treasure Trail!

There’s a puzzle to solve to test your skills so get ready! Solve it before 3rd May 2021 and you might just nab your next Treasure Trail on us!


19th April 2021

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Get Out There on the perfect winter adventure!


Christmas 2020 has been and gone, and this strange year is almost over! As tempting as it may be, don’t get sucked into that post-Christmas lull. Instead, Get Out There and burn off those Christmas and Boxing Day calories to get yourselves ready for a better, brighter, healthier 2021 with a festive walk.

To really get you into the spirit, here’s our guide on how to add some festive sparkle into your Treasure Trail to make it the perfect winter adventure.


Get Out There with Treasure Trails


Before your adventure


Normal, everyday adventurers will just rock up at the start of their Treasure Trail and crack on. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that. But, true adventurers know that you need to be prepared before tackling your expedition!


Get warmed up


You never know what you might encounter on your quest, so it’s always best to get warmed up before you go. That way, it’ll be much easier to escape from enemy agents, chase down the criminal or navigate perilous obstacles. Try this festive warm-up to get your minds in the zone and your bodies ready for action.



Dress to impress


Now that you’re all warmed up, it’s time to get dressed for your quest. Of course, you’ll need to blend in to avoid suspicion. Grab your Christmas jumpers and Santa hats, or wrap yourself up in tinsel and baubles so you can hide in plain sight as a Christmas tree!


Pick your codename


There’s one final thing you need to do before you’re ready for your assignment – you need to pick your codenames. Given the time of year (and to keep the festive spirit alive) you should pick a Christmas codename to avoid blowing your cover. Take a peek at this elf name generator to see what yours would be!



During your adventure


Now that you’ve got yourselves prepared, it’s time to get out on your Trail adventure! Grab your local Treasure Trail, head to your quest start point and get ready to crack those Clues. There are a few more ways which you can add the festive sparkle to your expedition, though.


Be aware of your surroundings


Any great agent always stays aware of their surroundings, while detectives make notes for their records. Between your team, decide on a silly hand signal to use whenever you spot something of importance to your festive mission. Let your team know anytime you notice a Christmas tree, bunches of holly or cars in festive green and red colours. Anything Christmassy could be important, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled.


Hunting down the sneaky Clues


You’ve got your hand signal sorted, but you need to come up with a new signal for whenever you track down one of the sneaky Clues. If you know you’re safe from the enemy gaze, shout “Ho Ho Ho I’ve found it!” when you spot the next vital Clue in your quest. However, if you fear you’re under surveillance, you’ll need to be more subtle. Try standing still and making your best impression of a Christmas tree or present so that no one overhears and intercepts you.


After your adventure


Amazing work, Explorers – you’ve completed your festive mission! Now it’s time to stretch it out, submit your answer and toast your success.

After getting some valuable exercise for mind and body, you definitely deserve to put your feet up and unwind with a post-quest movie. Not sure what to watch? Take this quiz to discover what kind of adventurer you are and get some suggestions.



Quiz - What type of adventurer are you?


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23rd December 2020

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