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Trail Training Part II


Your 14-Day Well-being and Mindfulness Challenge


As budding Detectives, intrepid Explorers and top Secret Agents, we all know that we need to be on top of our game in order to do our best work out in the field. But at this time of year, with shorter days and the year not off to the best of starts, we could all do with a bit of oomph to help us operate at full capacity! 

The good news is, we’re here to help you get in tip-top shape, mentally and physically, for your next adventure! You’ve oiled your cogs with our Brain Training Challenge (Missed it? Don’t worry, you can still start here and do it alongside). 

Next up is our 14-day Well-Being and Mindfulness Challenge! Choose 14 things to do over the next two weeks and try and do one a day to give you a daily boost and prepare you for seeking and solving Clues! 


How will it prepare you?


Exercise and mindfulness activities are a brilliant way to get your neurotransmitters going, with the release of morale-increasing endorphins, mood-boosting serotonin and a dash of dopamine for alertness.

That feel-good feeling you get after completing a well-being challenge? That’s your neurotransmitters hard at work! Not only do endorphins improve your mood, but they also decrease your sensitivity to stress and main too, while serotonin is brilliant for promoting learning and memory.




So, doing something enjoyable, relaxing or new can help you feel refreshed, re-energised and motivated. It can even help change your perspective or mindset – great practise for looking at a tricky Clue from a different angle.

What’s more, taking time out to simply ‘be’ in the present and focus on being aware of yourself and your surroundings not only gives you a break from thoughts of things gone by or future worries but is also great preparation for immersing yourselves in the here and now of your next case, mission or expedition.  


What to do…


Everyone’s different when it comes to what they think will challenge them and give them a boost of positivity. So, there are 20 different challenges to choose from – simply pick out 14 that you want to do, can do and feel will most benefit you.

Record your achievements by crossing them off the challenge sheet below, or make your own 14-Day Well-Being and Mindfulness Journal so that you can see how well you’ve done and how much progress you’ve made! 


14-Day Well-being and mindfulness challenge



Don’t forget to keep us updated on your progress too! Share your photos with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram – we’ll be picking our favourites, so you might be rewarded!


All done?


You’re sure to be in the right frame of mind to crack the case, complete the mission or track down that treasure! Get choosing your next adventure and keep a lookout for our Trail Training Part III – Let’s Get Physical coming soon! 


Stay active Treasure Trails 2021



In case you missed it:



14th January 2021

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Love Where You Live!


Love Where You Live Missions | Love Where You Live


We’ve been asking you, our local Agents, shout loud and proud about the place you call home!

From bizarre benches to magical murals, obscure oddities to strange stories, every corner of the UK has its hidden treasures and tales to tell.

We always try to bring you the best of these via our Trail routes, Clues and fact snippets. But we know there’s so much more out there that only those who live in a place will know about.

That’s why we tasked YOU with showing us all the reasons that you Love Where You Live by seeking out and sharing your local wonders, quirks and curiosities!


Love Where You Live: All MISSIONS Complete!


You’ve worked really hard on your assignments over the last six weeks, local Agents; you’ve done an amazing job of showing us why you Love Where You Live!

If you want to take another peek at your brilliant progress, check out our featured favourites below!


MISSION ONE: Brilliant, Bizzarre, Beautiful or Baffling Benches!

For your first MISSION, we asked you to scout around your local area to discover brilliant and bizarre benches. From the quirky to the curious to the beautiful views – any bench was in the running! Check out our featured favourites here.


MISSION ONE Top Winner - Britain's Best Bench!


MISSION TWO: You Know You’re In… When You Hear…!

Your second vital assignment was to keep an ear out for the curious sayings, weird phrases and wonderful wording that only makes sense to locals down your way. Scout out our featured favourites here.


MISSION TWO Top Winner - The UK's Most Wonderful Wording


MISSION THREE: Art-spotting

The third MISSION in your local expedition was to get out art-spotting and track down the magnificent murals and superb sculptures that your hometown has to offer. Find our featured favourites here.


MISSION THREE Top Winner - The Most Amazing Artwork on Offer


MISSION FOUR: Only Down My Way…!

The all-important fourth MISSION was to enlighten us about the weird and wonderful events, eats and traditions that can be experienced in your neck of the woods. Discover our featured favourites here.


MISSION FOUR Top Winners - The Best Events, Eats and Traditions to Experience


MISSION FIVE: Signs That Make You Go ‘Ha!’ Or ‘Huh?’

Your sign-spotting MISSION FIVE had you scouting around your patch for strange signs, wacky plaques and confusing directions. Take a peek at our featured favourites here.


MISSION FIVE Top Winner - The Silliest Sign to Find


MISSION SIX: Tucked Away Treasures

Your sixth and final MISSION to a little research and recon as you scoured your local area for weird stories, stunning sights, hidden gems and local legends. Discover our featured favourites here.


Mission 6 Winner - Pyramid Balmoral


A Dash of Inspiration


Just because the MISSIONS are over, it doesn’t mean the adventure has to stop! If you’re stuck for ideas and need a little dash of inspiration for some local exploring, we’re here to help! Grab your local Treasure Trail, gather your household together and start tracking down the hidden gems in your hometown today. 

Whatever you’ve got coming up in the next few weeks, add an adventure to your to-do list. 

“We love Treasure Trails! Been our go to socially-distanced activity of the year, including one for my husband’s birthday day out and one for my son’s birthday day out. Keep them coming!”

Diane – Rochdale  



Enjoy an Autumnal Adventure | Love Where You Live


Get Social


Remember, you can find Treasure Trails on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too! Follow us for Trailing antics, weekly puzzles and lots of exploration inspiration! 


10th December 2020

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