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Secret Picnic Hotspot, Sunny Nunney


Welcome to Sunny Nunney


The English Countryside is full of beautiful villages which provide the inspiration for many a poet, artist, photographer, tourist, rambler and day tripper from the cities. These villages also form the backdrop and inspiration to many of our ‘secret picnic’  Treasure Trail locations. Although they are less obvious places to visit, they are no less enjoyable than our more popular hotspots.

Nunney is no exception to this; a beautiful, sleepy village set amongst the Mendips and close to the more vibrant, Artisan market town of Frome in Somerset.

At the heart of the village are Nunney Castle ruins, complete with moat, which date back to 1373 when John de la Mare built the castle under royal license. This 14th Century Knight was hoping to gain favour within Royal Circles and it has been suggested that the castle was built to improve his circle of influence.

The castle is looked after and maintained by English Heritage, and entry is free. It is a perfect place for a little quiet fishing and perhaps a family picnic before or after your Treasure Trail experience.

Although the castle was extensively modernised in the late 16th Century, some parts suffered significant gun damage during the civil war. Despite this damage to the main tower, it wasn’t until 1910 that the tower finally collapsed.

Overlooking the castle is All Saints Church, separated from it by the quiet dusty high street. The church dates back to the 12th Century.

The village and immediate area offers a wonderful setting for one of our ‘secret picnic’ Treasure Hunt locations. As you explore and discover this ancient village surrounded by delightful English Countryside, you might want to remember to take some food for the ducks!

You can find out more about Nunney here or purchase the Trail here.

We’ll be bringing you more ‘secret picnic’ locations as we approach the summer, so keep following and let us know your own ‘hotspots’ by leaving a comment below.

Author: Dave Gill, Treasure Trails Wessex.

17th May 2012

Posted In: Somerset


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The Great British Walking Challenge

This month Living Streets have launched the Great British Walking Challenge, which aims to get people out and about across the UK, to see how many times we, collectively as a nation, can walk from John O’Groats to Land’s End.

You may have noticed that we here at Treasure Trails HQ are BIG walking fans, so obviously we are getting behind the Great Walking Challenge this month! Throughout the month of May you can log all your walking, whether you’re walking to work, doing a bit of shopping or walking the dog. You can share photos, routes and tips on the site with other participants. The site totals up the number of miles walked and shows you how many times you’ve walked around the world, as well as how many muffin tops have been burned!

If you have a competitive side, you can also see the top individual walked, the areas that have walked the furthest collectively and the business that has covered the most miles. So why not sign up and see if you can make it to the top of the list?

If you or anyone you know wants to take part, then the resources are available on the site, including fundraising packs. You can find out more about the Great British Walking Challenge here http://www.livingstreets.org.uk/walk-with-us/events-and-challenges/great-british-walking-challenge.

If you don’t know much about Living Streets, they’re a national charity that stands up for pedestrians, working with you to create an attractive and enjoyable environment where the streets are safe to walk. They do some great things for the community and as we have many Trails based in towns and cities across the UK they are a great help to us as well!The Great British Walking Challenge

11th May 2012

Posted In: Just for Giggles

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