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Top Six Reasons Why Exploring is Good for the Family

There are numerous studies on what is good for children and we are all aware that children who spend quality time with their siblings, parents, grandparents and other close family members are often grounded and happy.

Our claims below are generalisations, but we are certain they are right!

Top Six Reasons Why Exploring is Good for the Family - The family that plays together stays together!Stay Together

1. The family that plays together stays together!  Playing together develops as families grow up and become more independent but there is nothing like a good game to keep everyone connected – and of course in today’s world of technology the game playing can continue even when the children have left home! We play several games on line with our siblings and adult children.


2. The family that takes regular exercise will be healthier and happier. Children who play and explore outdoors are less stressed and more confident. And whilst you could explore from your sofa, it is much more fun to get up and go outdoors to do it.

Top Six Reasons Why Exploring is Good for the Family - The family that knows their local area will have more choicesKnowledge

3. The family that knows their local area will have more choices. Imagine moving to a new area and not exploring it. It is almost the first thing most of us do when we move – find out where the shops, schools, leisure centres, parks and so on are. That’s exploring!


4. Encouragement of inquisitiveness will remain with children long after they’ve grown up. Having or showing an interest in learning things and being curious keeps the old young!  It was Albert Einstein who said “The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing”.

Love of Travel

5. Exploring new places as children instils a love of travel and it is said travel broadens the mind. We couldn’t find the source of that saying, but we completely agree with Mark Twain who said “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.”

Top Six Reasons Why Exploring is Good for the Family - Exploring doesn't have to be expensive.Low cost entertainment

6. Exploring isn’t expensive unless your plan is to explore outer space or the Arctic Circle!  Exploring the garden and investigating all the wee bugs and beasties counts as exploring in our book!  “We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.” – Jawaharial Nehru

So get out there and explore if you know what is good for you!

We really enjoy reading about people’s exploring adventures – send your stories and photos to us on Facebook (as these families did) and have a great summer.

6th August 2014

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Treasure Trails Sporting Heroes

Treasure Trails Sporting Heroes - A Winter's TrailWe love a good sports event and are excited about the Commonwealth Games and watching the UK’s sportsmen and women.  We’d like to introduce you to some of the other sporting heroes that feature in our Trails around the country!

Messing about on water

Down in Bournemouth the Sands were buzzing with bikini clad models and tanned surf bums there for the annual Blue Wave Surf Awards. They were also there on the lookout for the new limited edition balsa wood surfboard created by legendary surfer, Billy Bob Abubo. Sadly Billy Bob’s body was found floating in the ocean with no sign of his new board.

Old Etonian, Bert E. Worcester, had been celebrating the victory of the Eton College rowing team at Dorney Lake, with fellow Old Etonians at one of Eton’s hostelries. A little the worse for wear he dropped his wallet as he got into a taxi to go home. The wallet and all its contents, was hidden as a prank and needs to be found.

Pint-sized feisty cox Bunty Rowlock-King apparently sabotaged the boat of opposition team Rivertown Rowing Eights and ended up dead floating under Putney Bridge!

Leading oarsman, Ivor Rowlock, was found dead in his skiff just before the Marlow Regatta,

Messing about in water

The body of experienced sea swimmer, Flo Teawings, was washed ashore. The local Caister-on-Sea police chief, Al Loalowallo, suspected foul play.

The body of a Filey swimmer Belle E.Flopp was also washed up on the beach. Ms Flopp was on track to beat the hotly contested flying belly flop world record.

Residents of Kinghorn were shocked when the body of much loved local diver Mr C Side was found on the beach.

Fishing is one of the UK’s most popular sports

Something fishy was going on in Bibury! Whilst hoping to hook a juicy trout from the clear waters of the River Coln, tourist and keen angler, Juan Da Gottawei, got more than he bargained for when he netted a bottle containing a map. It showed the location of buried treasure somewhere on a faraway island.

Fleetwood fisherman Hal E Butt made the catch of the day when he found an old rum bottle in his nets, complete with a treasure map and clues showing the location of the ill-gotten gains of an old Caribbean pirate hidden on a small island somewhere in the Irish Sea.

Walter Plank, Portland’s well known mackerel catcher turned his fishing boat, The Happy Hooker into a racing yacht, much to the dismay of the local sailor Godfrey Scuttlebutt and his yacht owning chums. When Walter’s body was found on his ‘yacht’, Scuttlebutt was the prime suspect but rumours are afloat that Walter had a murky past.

Taff Bargoed Park, on the outskirts of Merthyr Tydfil, hosts many angling events and is a popular leisure destination amongst the locals. Old man Phil Gill won the Top Trout Trophy for years and is unbeatable. Up and coming youngster Tim Finn was a marked contender to beat Phil Gill but his body was found, washed up on the far side of the lake.

Running & Jumping

A media frenzy followed the discovery of the body of popular runner Jim Nasium. There are rumours of an alleged association with organised crime in Watton.

Celebrated show jump rider and Gloucestershire socialite, Jim Carner, was found dead following an alleged argument in his stable block at Northleach.

Popular ball game heroes

We feature a retired international cricket umpire, Clem ‘Sticky’ Wickett who was bumped off in Chester-le-Street.   Another cricketer was disqualified for ball-tampering. Embittered county cricketer Lewis Duckworth hatched a wicked plan to ensure that rain stopped play for every cricket match due to be held at Lord’s. His weather machine can keep the dark clouds over St John’s Wood at bay!

Football ace Will McMillan Howard, was found dead, and his shocked family based in Newquay said there is no truth in the rumours featured in a tabloid newspaper that he had run up massive gambling debts.

And finally, the future of a famous golfing championship is in jeopardy. Someone has stolen all the trophies for a forthcoming event! The police are having a rough time. The press claim this is par for the course. A little birdie however has anonymously sent them two sheets of paper. Sadly there was a hole in one. But the other appears to be a map showing the location of the hidden loot!

If you fancy following in the footsteps of one of these sporting heroes, just download one of our Treasure Trails and set off on your own adventure today!

23rd July 2014

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