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You Know You Are a Detective When…

Some of us are born detectives and some of us have to learn how – just for fun we’ve put together a check list to see what sort of detective you are.  Score 1 point for each sentence that describes your behaviour!  Add up your score to find out what sort you are!

So, here we go, you know you are a detective when…..

1. You take people’s fingerprints the first time you meet them!  Make sure you have your fingerprint kit to hand (ha ha) which you can buy or make yourself!

You Know You Are a Detective When... - Fingerprint2. You always dress as Sherlock Holmes when you are invited to fancy dress parties. Ebay do a great line in Sherlock cloaks

3. You carry a roll of crime scene tape in your pocket! It is amazing how useful this stuff can be to keep the kids out of the no-go areas of your home!

You Know You Are a Detective When...4. You have a selection of magnifying glasses and handcuffs which you keep on the shelf in size order!  A tidy mind as well as a tidy desk is a useful attribute.

5. You honed your interview techniques at an early age by forever asking why?!   According to one expert, in many instances, “why” does not mean why at all. Often what it really means is, “Now that’s interesting! Let’s investigate it together.”

6. Your favourite party game is Who Am I – the one where you stick a name on everyone’s forehead and they have to guess who they are!  Oh and your favourite board game is of course Cluedo.  Even when you are relaxing, you can’t help yourself! Your idea of a great gift–> a Cluedo tea towel.

7. You’ve developed an unhealthy interest in body language and spend hours people-watching to see which ones are acting shiftily! People tend to touch their nose more when lying and are quite likely to cover their mouth too!

8. You write a journal – you never know when you might be called upon to be a witness.

9. The Pink Panther theme tune was the first piece of music you loaded onto your iPod and you regularly watch detective movies!  Click for a list of the top ten – how many have you seen? 

10. Your idea of a fun day out is visiting the Sherlock Holmes museum and you are planning a holiday in San Francisco so you can spend the day at Alcatraz.

You Know You Are a Detective When...

If you scored 4 points or less, then you need to get out there and practise!  There are lots of Murder Mystery Trails across the UK; there is bound to be one near you!

If you scored between 5 and 9 points you are pretty good detective material but could do with some brushing up on your skills. Can you solve all the clues and puzzles we post on facebook?

If you scored 10 points we take our deerstalkers off to you!   Well done!

How many did you score?  Did we miss anything?

The best additional suggestion as chosen by Aaron, our General Manger will get a free Trail of their choice.

Please give us your ideas by leaving your comments in the box below before the end of August.

14th August 2013

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Discover More As You Explore

Discover More As You Explore - Calling All Budding Poets
Calling All Budding Poets
Pick a lovely sunny day
To have the best fun along the way!
Go for a walk, look for a clue
Solve a murder mystery is what you do!
A search for lost treasure might be the thing
But if you can’t find it, you can always ring
Call up the text line to help eliminate a place
Or just keep looking – it’s probably in your face!
There is another mission for you to try
You’ll need to get ready to be a spy!
Crack the code to save the world
Get everyone involved young and old.
Look high and look low to see the town
It’ll give you a lift if you’re feeling down.
Play the game at your own pace
Remember to have fun, it’s not a race!
You will always find more than you’re looking for
That’s what happens when you explore.
So stop and start along the way
And make the most of a memorable day!
Get to the end there is one more thing to do
Go to treasuretrails.co.uk to check each clue.
Submit your answer to win a prize
Then just relax after your exercise!

Now its your turn! We would love to see and publish your poems about your days out with Treasure Trails and even better we’d be delighted if you performed them on YouTube.  So, that’s your challenge for the summer holidays. Send them in on facebook or direct to us as TTHQ.  Go on ~ you know you want to!

Winner gets a Year’s Supply of Free Trails (12)

17th July 2013

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