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8 World Records

Did you get a copy of our recent newsletter with details of the top 20 Treasure Trails World Records?  Got us to thinking about other world records in the world of exploring and walking!

Bonkers8 World Records - Treasure Trails World records

There are some totally bonkers world records like “fastest time to walk 100 yards wearing swim fins while simultaneously bouncing a table tennis ball on alternating sides of a table tennis paddle and juggling two tennis balls”, which is apparently 1min, 49.5 seconds and if you want to watch the guy who holds the record doing it, then just click here!


And then there are the dangerous ones, like the man from India who walked 10 meters backwards while carrying a 50 kilogram cement bag with his hair!

Arm Walking

Is it really walking if you use your arms!  Last July, Alicia Weber arm walked 340 feet on bars in five minutes.  And she set another world record for the furthest in one minute too!  Or what about walking on hands – is that really walking? Michael Martin thought so; he walked on his hands for 50.43 seconds although his record has been broken!

Surely this can be broken?

Talking of breaking, there is a world record for the oldest walking stick – 63 years. Darryl Learie inherited the oldest walking stick from his grandfather, Jalmari Vastaama. Vastaama was a Boy Scout leader and created the stick in 1948 with the Boy Scout emblem and year. Search your attics; there must be a walking stick older than that.


The first person to achieve the explorers’ grand slam was Young-Seok Park (South Korea) who reached the North Pole on foot on 30 April 2005.  The grand slam involves climbing the highest peaks on all seven continents (the ‘seven summits’), the 14 peaks over 8,000 m (26,246 ft), and reaching the North and South poles on foot. His quest began when he reached the summit of Mt Everest on 16 May 1993. That is some exploration!

Lots of people8 World Records

The largest simultaneous walk was organised by the Green Communities Canada and involved 231,635 participants who walked for a minimum of 1 km (0.62 miles) at 1,011 different locations around Canada on 3 October 2007. Our Gold Partner, London Street Games was involved in the ‘Most Participants in a Treasure Hunt’ world record in association with Team London 2012 Ambassadors.

Treasure Trails Records

Have a look at our world records and if you think you are a record holder upload your suggestion and image to our facebook page.

9th April 2014

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Personalised Puzzles and Games

We love puzzles and games at Treasure Trails and will of course choose to do a Treasure Trail over other puzzles and games most days…. but sometimes it is nice to have a change or maybe the weather isn’t conducive to exploring outdoors!  There are hundreds of puzzles and games available to purchase, but we’ve chosen some personalised ones to share with you. They’ve been sorted by cost with the lowest first!

A Treasure Trail experience

Readers of this blog will know that a Treasure Trail booklet can be personalised either directly through the website or by using a local Treasure Trail’s partner. Doing it through our simple online software couldn’t be easier, just choose which town you plan to explore, and once you reach the individual Trail page click on ‘Personalised’ and follow the prompts.  £12.99 + delivery.

How about making your own board game

If you are so inclined and have a computer and a colour printer you can buy a kit that comes with all the instructions to make your own property trading board game.  Seems like hard work to me, but could keep the family quiet for at least one half term!  £14.06 + delivery.

Personalised playing cards

I’d love to own my own set of personalised playing cards and if I buy 25 packs, then I can have them!  I might struggle to convince people they weren’t marked though!  I couldn’t find any personalised cards that can be bought as one offs, but I did find a lovely playing card box set, which can be personalised.  £22.95 + delivery.

Personalised Jigsaw

Does anyone do jigsaws these days? I guess they must do otherwise they would be difficult to source.  Go into any charity shop and there are usually several boxes of them on the shelves!  We found a website that can create a personalised jigsaw – all you have to do is supply them with your address and postcode and they create a 400 piece puzzle without a picture to copy!  I might be tempted to clue it all onto a board once completed! £29.95 + delivery.

My Monopoly

Personally I am not a fan of the board game monopoly – it takes too long and I nearly always lose! But I love the idea of My Monopoly which the clever bods over at Waddingtons have created.  The easy to use website allows you to personalise the property names, all the property cards and the references in the chance and community chest cards – so you can have Granddad’s Garage and Aunty Sue’s shop on your board! £79.99 including p&p.

Guess Who

Whilst researching for this post, I came across two ways of personalising the perennial favourite Guess Who. The DIY version with a bit of help will cost no more than your time and printer ink, or if you have lots of spare cash and a special occasion, then there is an option to send in 24 photos of friends and family and get back a very professional looking Guess Who game!  £1,195 + delivery.

 Personalised Puzzles and Games - Personalised Treasure Trail Have you come across a great game or puzzle that can be personalised? Or have you used our software to personalise a Trail for a friend or family? We’d love to know.

Get in touch and we’ll post your comments on our facebook page.

12th March 2014

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