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Your Strange Sayings


‘Ey Up! Or, should we say ‘Ow Do?

Despite (mostly) sharing the same language, the dialect across the UK ranges massively from place to place. Whether it’s an alley, ginnel, snicket or twitten, we all have different words and phrases that make sense to us… even if they baffle those on the other side of the country!

This week, we sent you, our local agents, out on a mission to seek out the weird and wonderful turns of phrase from your local area. Here are our top picks for the Strange Sayings across the UK! 


Our No. 1 Strange Saying




Location: Hastings

Submitted by: Louise Eaton

Saying Notes: This is a challenge to another member of the Winkle Club, a charitable organisation set up by fishermen to help less well off Old Town families, to produce their winkle shell which they should carry with them at  all times. If they fail to produce the winkle, they have to pay a fine which goes to the charity. The photo is of winkle island where money can also be donated.

Congratulations to Louise – you’ve won an annual subscription to BRITAIN Magazine!


The Best of the Rest



LEFTLocation: Cumbria Submitted by: Rosie Fielder Details: Where’s the nearest cash machine! Lowie means ‘cash’, Cowie means ‘thing’.

RIGHTLocation: Burbage / Leicestershire Submitted by: Phil Harding Details: Keep on the pavement while you eat your ice-cream!



LEFTLocation: Reading Submitted by: Laura Ellis Details: The local name for a woodlouse!

RIGHTLocation: Norfolk Submitted by: Stephanie Downes Details: THe local name for a ladybird!



LEFTLocation: Rochdale Submitted by: Diane Davies Details: Be careful you don’t fall over on your ankle. (Our local Trail Writer Stuart adds: It’s something you should avoid when doing a Trail! It’s only used in Rochdale, Lancs and nowhere else in the world. People in neighbouring towns such as Bury and Oldham, just 5 miles away, have never heard of it and when Rochdalians use it in front of non-Rochdalians they are met with bafflement and bewilderment. It amazes me that this local word has never spread beyond the town’s boundaries.

RIGHTLocation: Essex Submitted by: Mark Priest Details: …all behind! Meaning: I’m running late or I’ve got too much to do.



LEFTLocation: Consett Submitted by: Helen Anderson Details: To have stopped mid job or to be going really slowly through a task. It comes from a famous local clock that was used in the town made by Pott’s. However the clock broke mid chime and despite being fixed didn’t work properly again.

RIGHTLocation: Durham Submitted by: Bec Reid Details: Stop being so naughty/mischievous!



LEFTLocation: North East Submitted by: Derick Lawson Details: We are going to paddle in the sea!

RIGHTLocation: Dorset Submitted by: Samantha Hubbard Details: That’s massive! (very large / gigantic).



Our Trail Writer’s Favourites



TOP L-R: Don’t forget your lunch dear (North East), a neighbour (South Staffs), the two teams of the Shrove Tuesday football game (the Upwards and the downwards sides – Ashbourne, Derbyshire).

BOTTOM L-R: another name for a woodlouse (similar to Cheese Log above but the Surrey version), really good! (Cannock / Wolverhampton / Midlands), I’ll do it directly BUT, directly in this instance doesn’t mean ‘right away’, it means it could take ages or there’s no set time limit. (commonly used in TT Towers and across Cornwall).

NB – thanks to everyone who submitted ‘dreckly’ from Cornwall – it was our most common entry!


Your Next Assignment!


Your third MISSION is now live! You have until 11:59pm on Wednesday 18th November to shout loud and proud about your local… artwork!

From strange street art and marvellous murals to stunning sculptures and statues, we want to know what curious creations can be stumbled upon around your way! 



MISSION THREE Art-Spotting Inspiration | Love Where You Live


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12th November 2020

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