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Just for Giggles – Challenges

Need a break from the daily routine that is just for giggles? Bored at work and need a serious distraction just before the weekend starts? Kids driving you crazy? Then look no further – Treasure Trails could just be the answer to your anti-boredom prayers. These challenges will help you get fitter and more active – and relieve the boredom too!

Talk Like A Pirate Day – 7 Phrases for 2016!

19th September is Talk Like a Pirate Day! Here are some useful pirate phrases to use when you come up against some of the many modern day problems we all face in 2016!

Top 7 Modern Day Pirate Phrases:

1. When you need an extra pair of hands...

Talk Like a Pirate Day 2016 - all hands on deck

2. When you disagree with your SatNav...

Talk Like a Pirate Day 2016 - satnav problems

3. When you just can't connect...

Talk Like a Pirate Day 2016 - no signal

4. When you have too many remotes...

Talk Like a Pirate Day 2016 - too many remotes

5. When there's just too much choice...

Talk Like a Pirate Day 2016 - too much choice

6. When you get an unwanted phonecall...

Talk Like a Pirate Day 2016 - have you been in an accident?

7. And finally...

Talk Like a Pirate Day 2016 - forgotten password

Talk Like a Pirate Day 2016

We hope you have a great Talk Like a Pirate Day this 19th September 2016! Make up your own phrases and add them in the comments below! If you need some help, here's our favourite Pirate Translator.

If you're dressing up for the day - we'd love to see yer pics! Post 'em on Facebook or tag us on Twitter or Instagram with #TreasureTrailsUK

Don't forget - 'Tis th' 19th SeptembARRR ye needs t' remembARRR!

16th September 2016

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Walk More and Eat Less

Our resolutions this year are very simple – walk more and eat less! Sounds easy enough, although everyone knows resolutions are notoriously hard to stick to.

Walk More

Maybe if we break it down a bit it will be easier. So, to walk more we intend to find things to do that involve walking; regular Treasure Trailing being the most obvious one. There are over 1,000 Treasure Trails all over the UK, so its unlikely that many of our customers will have run out of Trails to tackle and places to explore. No excuses now!

Walk More and Eat Less - get out and walk or skateboard moreThere are lots of ways to walk more that don’t involve planning a day out with family and friends! We will try parking a bit further away from the car park entrance or pay and display machine; taking the stairs instead of the lift, ditching the roller skates; using a pedometer to reach a target of steps; walking to the shops instead of taking the car, using the next bus stop along the route, pottering more in the garden, do more cycling, investing in a dog!  Yes there are lots of ways to walk more and some of course are more practical than others.

Walking is a great way to lose calories and completing a Treasure Trail will burn around 500 to 600 calories.  But only of course, if you don’t stop for ice-cream or a drink along the way!

Eat Less

And so we come to the second half of the resolution – eat less! Three ordinary sized meals a day should be plenty and that’s what we are going to try and stick to! That means no mid morning snacks with coffee, no sneaky piece of cake with afternoon tea, no late night supper of cheese and biscuits and definitely no midnight feasts! Sounds so easy, but snacks come in all forms of tempting little morsels.  For me crisps are my weakness, whilst for others chocolate is their downfall and for some a biscuit with their bedtime cocoa is a must have!

Eating off green or red plates will apparently cause you to eat less – not knowing the science behind it, this could be a red herring, but as we have a red plate at home I might give it a try!

We hope the end result of all this walking more and eating less will mean we are fitter and leaner, so that we can continue to walk more and eat less well beyond retirement and enjoy days out with friends and family for many years to come!

Do let us know what your resolutions and things to do are for 2015. We’d love to hear from you either on Facebook or in the comments box below. Happy New Year!

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8th January 2015

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