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The Word Game

Similar to Channel 4’s “Countdown” (minus the big clock), this free word game is your chance to win your next Treasure Trail adventure!

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How to play?

Put simply, you need to create valid words by dragging letters onto the grid.

To reach the next level, you need to complete the three tasks. You need to cover all the marked blue squares whilst also reaching both the score and the number of words shown. 

Don't worry though, you don't have to do this all in one go. You can click on submit any time you have a valid word or words to clear some tiles and get some fresh letters! If you can't make a word, click on double down arrow to get some new letters. Be careful though because if you do this too many times you'll run out of moves!

Watch this quick video to give you the full lowdown.

Quick Tip - Don't be put off by the advert before the game starts. Click on the "skip" button as soon as you can and make sure not to click on the advert itself. 

How can I win a Treasure Trail?

To be entered into the competition to win a Treasure Trail of your choice, post your high score on the game's leader board by entering your chosen name, followed by TT.  For example, “William Wordsworth TT”

Confirm your leader board entry by entering the details of your name and score in the comment box below.

You can enter as many times as you like and the person with the highest score on the game's leader board (and in the comments below) at close of play on 8th May 2017 will win a Treasure Trail of their choice.  

Good luck!


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25th April 2017

Posted In: Ideas, Puzzles