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Need some ideas and inspiration for some fun things to do and great places to go? Here are some useful suggestions for a wide range of experiences to help prevent boredom, or to liven up that party you’ve volunteered to organise.

Blow Away the Cobwebs with Treasure Trails this February Half Term

As winter comes to an end, step outside with Treasure Trails this February Half Term.

Will you crack the codes on a Spy Mission, become a detective with a Murder Mystery or find ‘X marks the spot’ on a Treasure Hunt?

Step outside with Treasure Trails this February Half Term

To help you decide which Trail adventure to choose we have compiled the Top 10 Trails of 2018:

Budding detectives will need to work together on this murder mystery Trail surrounding Seven Dials and Covent Garden.

Time is ticking on this Treasure Trail spy mission. Weave through the heart of St Albans and pass through historic inns, the ‘Abbey’ and learn about other local landmarks.

Follow the journey of a Scottish nobleman rumoured to be involved in piracy on this treasure hunt. Twist and turn through the ancient streets of Edinburgh as you and your family try to locate the hidden treasure.

Explore the Manchester Medieval Quarter with this murder mystery and discover the secrets of this ancient city.

Discover the King’s Mile and hunt for treasure on this Trail as you explore the historic east side of the city inside and outside the walls.

6. Bath

Crack the code on this spy mission uncovering the secrets of the Bath Abbey and 18th Century Georgian architecture.

7. York

Calling all sweet-toothed detectives! Solve the whodunit murder mystery Trail whilst exploring the picturesque ‘chocolate-box streets’ unwrapping the mysteries behind Terry’s, Rowntree and other kings of confectionery.

Weave through the ‘city of dreaming spires’ and see the heart of this ancient city on a spy mission Trail. Climb the 99 steps to the top of the Carfax Tower, see where JRR Tolkien used to live and learn many more amazing stories.

9. Stafford

Discover the culprit on this murder mystery whilst you explore the Georgian heart of this lively county town and it’s beautiful parks and riversides.

10. Cambridge

Adventurers will love this treasure hunt Trail in the centre of Cambridge. Search high and low throughout the high street and university colleges for stories and clues.

Happy Trailing!

18th February 2019

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My Simple Formula for the Perfect Family Christmas


I'm Sam.

As well as being part of the Treasure Trails team I'm also the Dad of two challenging loud Peter Rabbit obsessed adorable children!

Max is 6 and Emily is 3.

Christmas Selfie

My wife Lucy and I have been planning Christmas for weeks!

As soon as Bonfire Night comes around, even before the final sparkler has been extinguished, "Operation Perfect Family Christmas" is implemented.

Bonfire Night


I may have over played MY involvement a tad!

Correction! Lucy has been planning Christmas for weeks and my job is to nod in agreement.

A plan of action is drawn up, detailing when we will be seeing key family members.

Presents have been purchased made by Father Christmas's Elves and we are finally ready for the big day.

Phew! Thank goodness that's over.

There's a lot of pressure to create the perfect magical Christmas and us parents bear the brunt of this stress.

I want to give Max & Emily the perfect Christmas and I'm sure you are the same with your children.

But, as parents, is our idea of 'perfect' the same as our Children's?

The natural reaction is to go BIG!

Hey, you’ve worked hard all year and want to spoil your kids rotten, and I’m certain that there isn’t a single kid in the whole world who doesn’t like ripping open loads of presents on Christmas day morning!

But when does it all become too much?

Becoming Ebenezer Scrooge won’t win you any fans!

The exact opposite of going big on Christmas is to embrace your inner Scrooge! This is something that comes naturally to me!

You’ll certainly save a ton of cash but unless you get enjoyment from seeing children cry (and the rest of your family for that matter!) I wouldn’t recommend this option!

The Secret Formula to the Perfect Christmas is a Simple One!

Spend Quality Time Together!

Let’s be honest, when it's all done and dusted and the kids are back at school, what will they really remember about Christmas?

My natural answer to this question would’ve been all the amazing (and ridiculously expensive) gifts they got from Father Christmas.

That was, until I was scrolling through Facebook and saw this powerful letter written by a teacher!

Spend Quality Time Together

Wow! Who would’ve thought it?!

After wiping the tears from my eyes, I promised myself to make more opportunities to spend quality time with my loved ones!

I for one am looking forward to playing Junior Cluedo with Max (he's going to make a great Treasure Trails detective when he's older!), splashing through muddy puddles with Emily (Pepper Pig has a lot to answer to) and walking hand in hand with Lucy on a local Treasure Trail while Max is hunting for clues!

I'm 100% positive that spending quality time together as a family will make this Christmas one to treasure for years to come!

Merry Christmas & Happy Trailing!

Sam X

12th December 2018

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