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Fairy Pools in Skye

In the list of top 10 walks in Skye is a Fairy Pools one which we did the last time we were in Scotland. Billed as short in length with a difficulty rating of medium! Medium would be a piece of cake - or so we we thought...

Wild Swimming

And it mostly was until the end. When crossing the raging river, well, slow trickling stream really, I stepped on a wet stone, missed my footing and slid gracefully into the water. There was a lady behind me who asked if she could help me up. I handed her my camera which I was keeping above the water.  A man behind me asked how cold it was – which surprisingly it wasn’t particularly! No one was quick enough with the camera to take a picture but I was soaked all down one side. Fortunately the weather was beautiful and I was fine. But it was still an adventure worth reporting!

Fairy Pools in Skye - wild swimming
Fairy Pools in Skye - fairy pool splashes

Fairy Pools

The Fairy Pools we’d gone to see are a series of waterfalls and emerald pools which are fairly undramatic but pleasant enough to walk alongside for almost an hour each way. What is dramatic though, is the Black Cuillins mountains that we were walking towards. These are where the River Brittle originates. Stunning views!

If you fancy doing the walk yourself, there are instructions on the Isle of Skye website.

Food and Drink

After drying out, we headed for the Oyster Shed in Carbost and then, further down the hill, to the Tallisker Distillery. Both were on our things to do list following our walk to the Fairy Pools.

From the Oyster Shed, we bought fish soup for lunch and a seafood platter to take back to our AirBnB for dinner. After lunch, we relaxed then embarked on the distillery tour. The tour was quite interesting and we got to taste some whisky at the end. I found it a bit too peaty to invest £30 in a bottle though.

Fairy Pools in Skye - Talisker Distillery
Fairy Pools in Skye - Black Cuillins

The seafood platter was delicious but not enough for our healthy appetites so we used it as a starter, followed by bacon, black pudding and haggis! A good Scottish supper, with stunning views of the nearby Black Cuillins.

So there you are - a couple of things to do in Skye along with the local Treasure Trail that we did when we were there too! 

Things to do - Fairy Pools in Skye - Treasure Trails
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Things to do - Fairy Pools in Skye - Treasure Trails
Things to do - Fairy Pools in Skye - Treasure Trails. Fairy Pools and the Talisker Distillery - just a couple of things to do in Skye along with the Treasure Trail that we did when we were there!
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Treasure Trails
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14th January 2019

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