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Exercise You’re Already Doing (Without Even Trying!)

Oh, exercise. We know we should do more of it, but there always seems to be an excuse; “there’s not enough time”, “the gym is too expensive”, “life gets in the way”… and so on.

Who Has Time to go to the Gym? | Exercise You're Already Doing With Treasure Trails

Getting more exercise and improving fitness is so fixed in our minds that 47% of Britons surveyed in 2019 claimed it had featured as a past New Year’s resolution. Yet, only 24% of participants admitted to sticking to all of their 2019 goals.

But exercise isn’t all about going to the gym, joining classes and taking hours out of your busy schedule. In fact, the simplest daily tasks may have you exercising more than you realise.

Ways You're Already Burning Calories | Exercise You're Already Doing with Treasure Trails

Sometimes It’s Just About Changing Habits

Slipping a little extra exercise into your routine is a piece of cake, once you put your mind to it.

Disclaimer: you won’t necessarily burn enough calories to offset a piece of cake, but you’ll make a start!


Take the stairs

Climbing the Stairs | Exercise You're Already Doing with Treasure Trails

Common advice thrown around is to take the stairs instead of a lift or escalator. But did you know that climbing stairs can count as vigorous exercise?

On average, you burn about 0.17 calories per each step you climb up, and around 0.05 calories for each you climb down. It may not seem like much, but if you choose to always take the stairs, it quickly adds up!

Plus, if you’re carrying anything up those stairs – boxes, shopping or kids – this amount can become much higher.

Check out this list of cool step-climbing facts from the team at Step Jockey – they really know what they’re talking about!


Enhance Your Commute

Waiting for the Train | Exercise You're Already Doing with Treasure Trails

If you travel to an office-based job via car or public transport, it can seem really tricky to add exercise into your daily routine.

But if you have a little extra time to spare in the morning, try walking to a bus or tube stop a little further away, or get off one stop early. If you drive, why not find a parking space a bit further away from the office instead?

This trick has become a firm favourite of mine. Instead of jumping on the bus outside my house, I walk to the bus stop on the other side of the village. When I get into Truro, I try to get off the bus a stop early too. It may not seem like much, but doing it both ways can add up to 1,000 extra steps a day!


Use Your Waiting Times

Tea-Brewing Yoga | Exercise You're Already Doing with Treasure Trails

We can spend a lot of our day standing around just waiting – for example, waiting for the TV ads to finish, waiting in line at the shop, waiting for the kettle to boil or the microwave to ping…

Use these moments as opportunities to add small bursts of exercise into your routine, whether jogging on the spot, crouching, stretching or holding yoga poses. Okay, you may look a little silly in the supermarket, but while at home or work just give it a go!

This is another favourite at Treasure Trails HQ, with manager Aaron often seeing how long he can stay balanced in yoga poses while our cuppas brew.

Five minutes may not seem like a long time to make an impact, but every minute counts – particularly if you’re doing high-intensity activities.


Want to do more?

Family on a Mystery Trail | Exercise You're Already Doing with Treasure Trails

You don’t have to sacrifice your bank balance or quality family time! Exploring with a Treasure Trail is a great way to add a big boost of exercise into your day.

The best part? You’ll be having so much fun that you won’t even realise how fit you’re getting!

With most Trails averaging at two miles, technically you can expect to burn around 150-250 extra calories per Trail (if you take the full two hours) and rack up 4000-5000 steps.

But with all the weaving, scrambling and darting around to catch the criminal, detouring to explore uncharted territory, slipping away to refuel and restock supplies and gathering material to send messages to Spy HQ, those numbers can quickly climb.

In fact, two of our ‘Super Trailers’ Debbie and Alex challenged themselves to tackle all three of our Manchester Trails last week – and completed them in just one day! They hit an impressive 25,287 steps, which works out as around 900-1000 extra calories burned. Nice work, you two!

Join the Conversation


Do you have a favourite way to get daily exercise without trying? Have you completed a record number of steps while out on a Trail adventure?

Let us know on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! Remember to use #GetOutThere to join the conversation.

Keen to get more ideas on alternative ways to exercise? Keep your eyes peeled; we’ll have more tips and tricks to share very soon!

Exercise You're Already Doing (Without Even Trying!)
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Exercise You're Already Doing (Without Even Trying!)
Struggling to fit exercise in your routine? Good news, you're already doing it! Find out what daily tasks burn calories, and how to find time to do more.
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