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A Family Microadventure

Hi, Sam here again.

Some of you may already know that I've become somewhat obsessed with Alastair Humphreys' 'Microadventure' book.

Here's a link to my previous Microadventure post if you've no idea what I'm on about.

After ploughing through the book with great excitement I was keen to get out there and experience a microadventure for myself.

Alastair Humphreys Microadventures

"But Daddy! Can I come on a microadventure with you?" said my adventurous 7 year old son Max.

"Err - OK. But we'll have to ask Mummy first", I replied.

After getting Mummy's approval, Max and I started to plan our maiden microadventure expedition.

The plan was to commandeer 'Grandpa Tim's' beloved boat 'Bonita G' and spend the evening onboard chatting together, reading adventure books by torchlight and sleeping under the stars.

The big day was quickly upon us!

Our bags were packed, we did a final check of the weather forecast and off we went on our first family microadventure.

It was all smiles when we started our 'epic' row out towards 'Bonita G'.

The Start of Sam and Max's Microadventure

Although we did encounter some noisy river traffic when we arrived.

River Visitors

Perfect reading for an adventurous 7 year old.

Reading Bear Grylls on the bow of the boat

Setting up our beds on the open deck before stargazing!

Setting up our beds

Reading the final chapters before bed.

Reading by headtorch

What a sunrise! And what a cheeky smile!

Microadventure sunrise

A hearty breakfast in the Captain's chair!

Breakfast in the Captain's Chair

First Mate Max making everything shipshape.

Making things shipshape

Wiping down the seats so we don't get wet bottoms on the row back to shore.

Drying the seats before we row ashore

Learning to row and just generally messing about on the river.

Taking the oars and learning to row

Saying goodbye to 'Bonita G' and planning our next microadventure together.

Saying goodbye to 'Bonita G'

Max and Cheeky Monkey chilling by the river after a great adventure!

A successful end to our first microadventure together

A few weeks have passed since our family microadventure.

Max is now back at school and I'm cracking on at work but one thing which remains constant is our fantastic memories of this special time which we shared together.

I hope Max will remember our first microdventure for a long time to come, I know I will!

We're off to the Lake District over half term and we've already started to plan our next microadventure.

I'll keep you posted!

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9th October 2019

Posted In: Ideas

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