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Need some ideas and inspiration for some fun things to do and great places to go? Here are some useful suggestions for a wide range of experiences to help prevent boredom, or to liven up that party you’ve volunteered to organise.

Spring into Action with Treasure Trails!

With Spring officially here, it's the perfect time to get outside and explore different parks and gardens around the UK.

Discover these green open spaces with a Treasure Trails adventure!

We’ve gathered 10 Trails across the UK, which are best, experienced during springtime where the surrounding nature is blossoming into life.

Follow the clues and discover the treasure on this Trail leading through the tranquil inner city gardens where Trailers can admire the rose gardens, sculptures and water fountains full of history.

Discover whodunit on this Murder Mystery Trail exploring the traditional Victorian seaside resort through the Botanic Gardens and Hesketh Park of Southport before visiting the UK’s oldest iron pier.

Wannabe double agents will need to work swiftly on this Spy Mission Trail exploring the popular Roundhay Park. With it’s enclosed gardens and wide open spaces you’ll journey from lakesides to woodlands and from a ravine to a castle.

These gardens are home to some of the rarest plants in the world and are a must for garden lovers in the changing seasons.

Participants will need to put on their detective hats to solve the clues on this route through Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens. Starting at Hyde Park Corner trailers can admire the old oaks and newly hatched residents of the Serpentine and surrounding ponds.

Calling all super spies! An evil genius intent on ruling Preston’s beautiful parks needs to be stopped. You’ll uncover clues through the garden of Winckley Square, visit Avenham and Millar Parks and explore the River Ribble on this mission.

Perfect to visit during spring this Treasure Hunt Trail weaves through the Botanic Gardens and the Botanic Palm House before leading trailers to soak up the lively Belfast University area.

Beginning in the centre of Dorchester families will need to work together to solve the clues on this Murder Mystery Trail along the avenue of trees at South Walks before finding yourself in the peaceful Borough Gardens.

Follow clues along the lively shopping streets of York and through the beautiful Museum Gardens as you find the location of the buried treasure on this Treasure Hunt Trail.

This intriguing Trail begins in the heart of Cornwall’s historic mining industry where you’ll discover the secrets of the mines and surrounding green spaces. Solve sneaky clues to discover the suspects and eliminate whodunit.

21st March 2019

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Blow Away the Cobwebs with Treasure Trails this February Half Term

As winter comes to an end, step outside with Treasure Trails this February Half Term.

Will you crack the codes on a Spy Mission, become a detective with a Murder Mystery or find ‘X marks the spot’ on a Treasure Hunt?

Step outside with Treasure Trails this February Half Term

To help you decide which Trail adventure to choose we have compiled the Top 10 Trails of 2018:

Budding detectives will need to work together on this murder mystery Trail surrounding Seven Dials and Covent Garden.

Time is ticking on this Treasure Trail spy mission. Weave through the heart of St Albans and pass through historic inns, the ‘Abbey’ and learn about other local landmarks.

Follow the journey of a Scottish nobleman rumoured to be involved in piracy on this treasure hunt. Twist and turn through the ancient streets of Edinburgh as you and your family try to locate the hidden treasure.

Explore the Manchester Medieval Quarter with this murder mystery and discover the secrets of this ancient city.

Discover the King’s Mile and hunt for treasure on this Trail as you explore the historic east side of the city inside and outside the walls.

6. Bath

Crack the code on this spy mission uncovering the secrets of the Bath Abbey and 18th Century Georgian architecture.

7. York

Calling all sweet-toothed detectives! Solve the whodunit murder mystery Trail whilst exploring the picturesque ‘chocolate-box streets’ unwrapping the mysteries behind Terry’s, Rowntree and other kings of confectionery.

Weave through the ‘city of dreaming spires’ and see the heart of this ancient city on a spy mission Trail. Climb the 99 steps to the top of the Carfax Tower, see where JRR Tolkien used to live and learn many more amazing stories.

9. Stafford

Discover the culprit on this murder mystery whilst you explore the Georgian heart of this lively county town and it’s beautiful parks and riversides.

10. Cambridge

Adventurers will love this treasure hunt Trail in the centre of Cambridge. Search high and low throughout the high street and university colleges for stories and clues.

Happy Trailing!

18th February 2019

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