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Need some ideas and inspiration for some fun things to do and great places to go? Here are some useful suggestions for a wide range of experiences to help prevent boredom, or to liven up that party you’ve volunteered to organise.

10 Treasure Trails to get back to nature…


…walking boots required!


We’re getting back to nature with some brilliant walks around the UK to celebrate National Walking Month and Mental Health week. Whether it’s soaking up the salty sea air on a coastal path, trekking through stunning, flowering gardens or weaving through woodlands, we’re pulling on our walking boots, packing our provisions and getting out there!

To spark your imagination and get you excited for your next Trail adventure, we’ve picked out ten Trails you’ll need your walking boots for as you get back to nature and embrace the benefits of exploring the great outdoors.


1. Coniston Low Yewdale, Cumbria


Get back to nature and explore Coniston Low Yewdale


Ramble along the stunning rural route of Coniston Low Yewdale while getting back to nature and tracking down the treasure trove. Scramble through the Yewdale Valley, soak up the view of Coniston Water and duck through Whins Wood to avoid rival treasure seekers!


2. Winchester City to St Catherine’s Hill, Hampshire


Get back to nature and explore Winchester City to St Catherine's Hill


Top secret agents are needed for a longer mission kicking off in the heart of the ancient city of Winchester. The Winchester City to St Catherine’s Hill Trail will have you gathering intel around the Guildhall and cathedral before darting away from the bustlings crowds to scramble up St Catherine’s Hill where the enemy drones won’t be able to spot you!


3. Lelant to St Ives South West Coast Path, Cornwall


Get back to nature and explore Lelant to St Ives


A diary has been unearthed, revealing that an ancient relic has been buried along the South West Coast Path! Lace-up those walking boots and begin your journey from Lelant to St Ives, soaking up the stunning sights along the way. Don’t let the coastal scenes and getting back to nature distract you, treasure seekers; booby traps and rival adventures could be hiding anywhere!


4. Land of the Manifold, Staffordshire


Explore Ilam and Alstonfield - Land of the Manifold


Your curious case through the Land of the Manifold will take you and your team from Ilam and Alstonfield. The four-mile route between the two villages can be driven in your squad car, walked, cycled or even ridden on horseback! Examine the pesky evidence while enjoying the picturesque Peak District; can you figure out ‘whodunnit’?


5. Kinross by Loch Leven, Perth & Kinross


Get back to nature and explore Kinross and Loch Leven


You’re in for a right royal ramble as you tackle this treasure hunt around Kinross by Loch Leven! Rumour has it that ancient jewels belonging to Mary Queen of Scots are stashed away here, so pay close attention to the sneaky Clues as you trek through Kirkgate Park, beside Loch Leven and around Kinross Pier.


6. Salhouse and Woodbastwick, Norfolk


Explore Salhouse and Woodbastwick


Are you ready for a real challenge, intrepid explorers? The Salhouse and Woodbastwick Trail takes you on a 6.5-mile route in search of the treasure trove. Travel around the pretty villages and Salhouse Broad, where you can rest by the water once your quest is complete!


7. Ironbridge Gorge, Shropshire


Explore Ironbridge Gorge


Can you crack the Ironbridge Gorge mystery and put an end to the mayhem at the museum? Discover the hidden gems of this World Heritage Site as you examine vital evidence to reveal ‘whodunnit’.With high vantage points above the valley and open stretches around the River Severn, it’ll be easy to spot suspicious characters!  


8. Scarborough South Cliff, North Yorkshire


Get back to nature and explore Scarborough South Cliff


Scour the spectacular Scarborough South Cliff area in your hunt for the pirate treasure! Search high and low through beautiful formal gardens before sneaking along the water’s edge at this seaside retreat! You’re not the only one wanting to nab the lost loot; don’t let other curious, clever clogs beat you to the stash!


9. New Quay, Ceredigion


Explore New Quay


Slippery spies are in for a challenging route around New Quay, hunting down the Clues to crack the code and save the day! Sneak around the town and harbour before tiptoeing to a stunning vantage point. Be warned, we’ve received intel that enemy agents have dressed up as dolphins to monitor your movements!


10. Oundle Town & River, Northamptonshire


Explore Oundle town and river


Long ago, a salty seadog left his life on the high seas behind and settled in Oundle… But what became of his ancient pirate treasure trove?! Take on an expedition around Oundle Town and River, exploring the country park and water meadows as you go. Keep your eyes peeled, Adventurers – you never know what exciting things you may spot!


Escape the crowds and get back to nature on your May Trail adventure


With over 1,200 Trails across the UK to choose from, you’ll be spoiled for choice, whether you’re planning a staycation or sticking local. If you’re not quite ready to explore the bustling city centres or popular tourist destinations, we’ve got heaps of Trails to help you escape the crowds, get back to nature and soak up the great outdoors this May.



Family Fun - Treasure Trails11


Take on the Treasure Trails Walk this May challenge!


To really celebrate National Walking Month, we’ve kicked off a Walk this May challenge for you to tackle as you venture outdoors this month!

We’ve devised four separate tasks for you to complete on four separate walks during May. Complete some on a regular walk, as you walk to school or work, or pop to the shops. Or head out on a more ambitious walk; you decide!

There’s even a bonus for May Treasure Trails explorers! Discover the tasks and take on the challenge here.



Find out more about the benefits of getting back to nature


To find out more about Mental Health Awareness Week and the benefits of outdoor excercise, visit Mental Health UK.


10th May 2021

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Five tell-tail signs that your dog is a top explorer…

…and how you can hone their skills


If you’ve ever taken your beloved pooch on a Treasure Trail, you may have thought that they were just along for the walk and fresh air. Well, we’ve got some great news for you! Not only will your four-legged friend have a great time, but they can help you on your quest, mission or investigation too!

So, whether it’s a Pup Pirate, a Mole-Hunting Mutt or a Detective Dawg that you need, read on for how to make the most of your canine companion’s expertise and turn them into a top explorer dog!


5 reasons why dogs make excellent Trail explorers


1. They tell you when they’ve found something interesting


When your pooch is curious about something, they’ll hold their tail straight out behind them in a horizontal position. Next time you’re struggling to spot a clue, keep one eye on Rover’s tail; it could be a sign that they’re on to something!


Dog - I think I've found something


2. Their sense of smell is infinitely better than ours


Dogs are far more geared up for sifting smells than we humans are. Their noses have way more olfactory receptors than ours, and the part of their brain devoted to analysing smells is proportionately a lot bigger.

The shape of their nose is also well-honed for capturing the slightest of odours. Whilst we humans use all of the air we breathe in for… well, breathing, dogs siphon off some of their air intake into a separate area at the back of their noses just for determining smells! And when we breathe out through our nose, all the air gets pushed outwards; dogs push air out through the slits in the side of their nose, helping air circulate and bring in yet more odours to sort.

So, if you smell something fishy out on your Trail, you can count on the fact that your treasure hunting hound clocked it a while ago and has been on the alert for some time!


Dog - I can smell something fishy


3. They can stand guard and keep an eye out for any rival explorers while you solve the clues


Treasure hunting is a serious thing; rival treasure seekers could be around any corner! This is why, any time you humans are fully focussed on solving a clue, your pooch can go into paw patrol mode and keep watch for approaching enemies trying to steal your answers.

If you notice your pooch standing with ears up and tail raised, it’s a sure sign that they’re watching and ready to take action if needed. Guard dog, explorer dog, your pooch has so many different roles to play on your quest!

Depending on your dog, they may take different approaches to keep you safe. If you have a growler or a yapper on your hands, a little noise should scare those rivals away. If your pooch is less guard dog and more soppy dog, it can put those puppy dog eyes to good use and distract any approaching challengers with its cuteness.


Explorer guard dog - keeping watch while you solve the clue


4. They’ll sniff out any booby traps and alert you


We already know that your hound has a far superior sense of smell. But this also means that they are master trackers, able to pick up a single scent amongst the millions wafting in the air and hone in on it.

Therefore, having your pooch alongside you on any quest is an excellent way to ensure you don’t trigger any unwanted booby traps. If there’s any trace of pongy pirates or sweaty explorers having gone before you, your four-legged friend will get the first whiff of them and make sure you avoid anything untoward.

If your dog stops wagging their tail and freezes, it may mean that they’ve identified a danger, so put your whole team on high alert!


Don't go up there, it's a trap!


5. Dogs are closer to the ground, all the better to spot those low down clues!


Yes, it may seem obvious, but unless you have a Great Dane, your dog’s legs are likely to be a lot shorter than yours. As all good explorers know, you should look up, down and all around to track down clues on a Treasure Trail, so having more eyes to the ground can only be an advantage!

Dogs are nearsighted, so they’ll have no problem spotting things right under their paws. Plus, they have excellent peripheral vision too, with a range of around 25O degrees. This means they don’t have to constantly turn their heads left and right to spot things like we do and can spot clues off to the sides with relative ease! So if you feel a tug of the lead, give your pooch the benefit of the doubt; they are likely to have spotted something you haven’t! Even if it isn’t the clue you’re looking for, it might be something interesting, you never know!


Explorer dog sniffing out those low down clues


Treasure found!


Most Treasure Trail Explorers treat themselves to something nice at the end of the Trail. Some grab an ice cream, others a drink, while a few treat themselves to a round of mini-golf or other fun!

When you find yourself at the end of a successful Trail, don’t forget to reward your pooch too! Take a treat or give them a nice rub behind the ears. If their tail is in a neutral position with a healthy wag, you’ve got one happy hound on your hands! Great work!


Solved it! Time for a snuggle


How to get your dog Trail-ready


Brain Training for dogs


Most exploring skills come naturally to dogs, and we’re sure your dog already has some top-notch exploring techniques. However, if you feel your pooch is less of an explorer dog than you’d hope, they might benefit from a bit of quest preparation. Why not give some of these training ideas a go:


Brain training for dogs – 10 simple brain games to play with your dog, and the first one is a treasure hunt! Pawfect!

DIY puzzle games for dogs – take a look at these six puzzle games you can easily make at home. We love the look of the Mysterious Muffin Tin!

RSPCA advice on dog training – some great advice on how to train your dog from the RSPCA.


TOP TIP – no matter how well trained your Explorer Dog is, don’t let them run off with your Trail booklet!


Don't let your dog run off with the Trail


Explorer dogs wanted!


Do you have an amazing explorer dog? A fantastic treasure-seeking hound? A top mystery-solving mutt?

We’d love to hear all about them! Head to Facebook or Instagram and post a photo of you and your four-legged friend out exploring on a Treasure Trail. Tag us @treasuretrailsuk, and we’ll sniff them out!

We’ll be choosing our favourites to add to our Pup Parade below!



The TT Pup Parade


Explorer Dog Milo – Trail Writer Ivan’s daughter and her rescue dog often go along with Ivan on his Trail Writing expeditions.


Rosie - Trail Writer Kathy's dad's pooch who's been on a fair few Trail Writing adventures in her time!
Rosie – Trail Writer Kathy’s dad’s pooch who’s been on a fair few Trail Writing adventures in her time!


Kayna – Our Tech guy Tris with his wife and pooch, resting at a clue near St Austell.


Ted, Flo and Lowan helping their owners to count the boards whilst keeping guard for any dangers below!


Looking for more dog related fun?


Take a peek into the amazing world of dogs, check out our top 15 dog-friendly Trails as recommended by our Trail Writers, or search for dog-friendly Trails by region.


20th April 2021

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