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Did you know you needed to know this stuff? Here are some fascinating family friendly facts and trivia from Treasure Trails to help keep you educated and informed – even if you’re not out doing a Trail!

Best Seaside Towns for an Adventurous Family Day Out

Our friends at Days Out With The Kids have revealed the UK's favourite seaside towns for a family day out.

The great news is... (drum roll please!) that 43 of their Top 50 Best Seaside Towns for Families can be explored with a Treasure Trail adventure!


Our Top 10 Seaside Trail Adventures!

Max on a Seaside Trail Adventure

Ahoy me hearties!

We need you for a self-guided treasure hunt adventure along Brighton’s shores. Hunt high and low along the promenade, taking in the spectacular sights of this bustling seaside resort. You’ll even uncover fascinating stories (including how salty sea water was once used as medicine)!

Calling all super sleuths!

Your self-guided murder mystery investigation takes place in the heart of St Ives. You’ll be searching high and low along the cobbled streets, winding past medieval inns, dazzling art galleries and quaint fisherman’s cottages, uncovering history and hidden gems with each step.

Enter freely and of your own free will!

This supernatural self-guided treasure hunt will follow the footsteps of Bram Stoker. Take in the panoramic coastal views and search along Whitby’s oldest street before braving the climb to the imposing St Mary’s Church.

12th July 2019

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Fun Facts and Stats About Treasure Trails

Saturday 13th July is Embrace Your Geekness Day!

When it comes to writing treasure hunts we're proud to say that we're one of the biggest geeks around!

So, let us share some fun facts and stats with you about Treasure Trails.

The 1st Treasure Trail was written in 2005 around the founder’s home town in Cornwall for a charity event. It never really started out as a business idea.

Steve, the Treasure Trails founder

Our Trail adventures used to be written on scrolls! Like a true pirates quest.

Treasure Trails currently holds the Guinness World Record for the most number of participants on a UK treasure hunt.

Our Trails have been responsible for 5 wedding proposals (that we know of).

Kylie from our Customer Happiness Team is a real life treasure hunter!  She entered a treasure hunt in Cornwall for real gold and was victorious in The Quest for the Golden Goddess Mia.

The Quest for the Golden Goddess

We have our own Treasure Trails Tuck Shop at HQ. Of course, it's always filled with healthy food (and strangely the office basketball).

Treasure Trails Tuck Shop

We're big fans of 'hot beverages' in the office and have 15 different types of teas and coffees in the kitchen cupboard. Anyone fancy a brew?

Treasure Trails Teapot

Football legend Gary Lineker has tried his hand at solving our sneaky clues!

Gary Lineker on a Treasure Trails Adventure

There used to be a basketball net in the office but it's now been replaced with a table tennis net over the boardroom table.

Treasure Trails Sports Day

Over 2 million Trailers have enjoyed a Treasure Trails adventure. Wow! You guys must really love what we do - thank you!

Happy Trailers

And finally...


There's a fancy dress box in our storeroom and we're not averse to looking silly if it means we sell more Trails.

The Treasure Trails Pirates

9th July 2019

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