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The Newport Shropshire Trail Mail Challenge

Here's your festive Trail Mail Challenge!

Take a good look at the plaque below as we've set three sneaky questions for you to answer.

Newport Shropshire Trail Mail Challenge

This plaque can be found along the route of our Newport - A Norman gem Treasure Hunt Trail

Your sneaky Trail Mail questions are:

1: Easy Peasy...


Our easy level Clue is:

Can you spot one of Santa’s reindeer hiding within a word? Let us know what word it is, along with the name of the reindeer.

2: Mind Twister...


Our medium level Clue is:

Time to find some hidden words. What word conceals what you might get from Santa if you have been naughty? What two words conceal the two common objects that can be found at the top of a Christmas tree?

3: Brain Buster...


Our difficult level Clue is:

Time for a FAMILY WORD GAME now! From top to bottom, if the second year equals 23 and the third year equals 24, what does the first year equal?

*To solve this Brain Buster you might need the help of the internet, unless you're super duper clever!

Now Submit Your Trail Mail Answers!

Submit your answers to all three of these Clues (or as many as you could solve!) to be in with the chance to WIN your next Treasure Trails adventure!

24th December 2019

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Mini Clubs – Not Just for Kids!


It turns out that our 'Treasure Trails Mini Clubs' aren't just for kids!

They are also loved by adults who never grew up and anyone with a sense of adventure!

Treasure Trails - Mini Explorers Club

These photos were sent to us by Lucie.

Aren't they great!?

In her own words, Lucie said;

"Hello! These are the photos from our trail! We had such a good time!! It was a hen party! The bride absolutely loved it! X"

So it just goes to show that our 'Mini Clubs' aren't just for kids!

Mini Explorer Clubs - Undercover Treasure Hunter
Treasure Trails Mini Explorer Club
Mini Explorer Clubs - Happy Treasure Trails Explorers

Join the Treasure Trails Mini Clubs

Our Mini Clubs relate to the theme of your Trail, so we have:

  • The Mini Secret Agent Club to accompany our Spy Mission Trails
  • The Mini Detective Club to accompany our Murder Mystery Trails
  • The Mini Explorer Club to accompany our Treasure Hunt Trails

Perfect for 4-8 year olds (and adults who've never grown up!), the concept behind the Mini Clubs is that your child will get a FREE bundle of goodies to excite them about their forthcoming Trail experience, something to keep them entertained whilst travelling to and from the Trail, and something to be given on completion of the Trail as a keepsake.

11th December 2019

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