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Treasure Trails Photo Awards 2017

It's been a bumper year for Treasure Trails which means a bumper year for photos too! Thank you so much to everyone who has shared their days out with us via Facebook,  Twitter and Instagram. We just love seeing you all out having a great time on the Trails - it makes all our hard work worthwhile!

For 2017, we've picked 10 of our favourite photos to share with you in our Treasure Trails Photos Award 2017!

And the winners of the Treasure Trails Photo Awards 2017 are...


Best Fancy Dress

Posted by Kirsty Ireland in Feb 2017 - Rochester Treasure Trail

Treasure Trails Photo Awards 2017 - Best Fancy Dress on a Treasure Trail 2017

Best Headwear

Posted by Denis Cook of The Rabbits from the Worldwide Warren - Nov 2017 - Cambridge Treasure Trail

Treasure Trails Photo Awards 2017- Best Headwear on a Treasure Trail 2017

Best Thumbs Up

Posted by Emma Sanders - Apr 2017 - St Ives Treasure Trail

Treasure Trails Photo Awards 2017 - Best Thumbs Up on a Treasure Trail 2017

Most Festive

Posted by Deborah Waters - Dec 2017 - St Katherine's Dock Treasure Trail

Treasure Trails Photo Awards 2017 - Most Festive Pic on a Treasure Trail 2017

Best Iconic Landmark Shot

Posted by Rachel Jerath - May 2017 - Missing Royal Wedding Rings Treasure Trail

Treasure Trails Photo Awards 2017 - Best Iconic Landmark Shot on a Treasure Trail 2017

Best Photo Montage

Posted by RaineyPhyl - Aug 2017 - Berkhamsted Treasure Trail

Treasure Trails Photo Awards 2017 - Best Montage on a Treasure Trail 2017

Best Selfie

Posted by Sam Owens - Jul 2017 - Lincoln Cathedral Quarter Treasure Trail

Treasure Trails Photo Awards 2017 - Best Selfie on a Treasure Trail 2017

Best Clue-Solving Wink

Posted by KirstyIvanoski - Apr 2017 - Mevagissey Treasure Trail

Treasure Trails Photo Awards 2017 - Best Clue-Solving Wink on a Treasure Trail 2017

Best Trailing in the Rain Pic

Posted by Karen Yacobi - Aug 2017 - Muswell Hill Treasure Trail

Treasure Trails Photo Awards 2017 - Best Trailing in the Rain Pic on a Treasure Trail 2017

Best Looking for Clues

Posted by Derry Richardson - Aug 2017 - Rye Treasure Trail

Treasure Trails Photo Awards 2017 - Best Looking for Clues on a Treasure Trail 2017

Best Working out the Answers

Posted by HWBuckley - Aug 2017 - Saltaire Treasure Trail

Treasure Trails Photo Awards 2017 - Best Working out the Answer on a Treasure Trail 2017
Treasure Trails Photo Awards 2017 - Working out the Answers on a Treasure Trail 2017

Best We've Found It! Photo

Posted by Jayne Gettens - Feb 2017 - Covent Garden Treasure Trail

Treasure Trails Photo Awards 2017 - Best We've Found It! Pic on a Treasure Trail 2017

Get those photos in for 2018...!

Keep those photos coming as we'll be picking our favourites again at the end of 2018! Simply take a snap of you or your loved ones out on a Trail, making sure your Trail booklet is in the photo, and share it with us via:

Facebook - post your photo to our page www.facebook.com/treasuretrailsUK 

Twitter - tag us @TreasureTrails

Instagram - tag us @treasuretrailsuk

Anything goes - we'll be picking categories at the end of the year which showcase our favourite snaps!

Happy Trailing in 2018!

19th January 2018

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7 Ways to Beat those Autumn Blues

Just because summer is over and the kids are back at school, it doesn't mean that the family fun has to end! Those 'back-to-school' or autumn blues can be a real downer having just had 6 weeks of family fun, but all is not lost! Planning some fun activities for the weekends or after school can be a real boost for kids and adults alike. And whilst it's still light in the evenings, it's a fantastic opportunity to get outdoors and have some fun, albeit with a few extra layers on!

There are endless things to do to grab some quality family time, but here's our list of 7 ideas of things to do to beat those autumn blues and give the whole family something to look forward to outside of the weekly school/work routine.

1 - Learn a new sport or activity - become a future world champion!

Try out snail racing, marbles or egg throwing!

There are loads of unusual sports you can take up in your own garden or local park, many free or low cost and very easy to teach yourselves. Simply pick something that takes your fancy, learn the rules and get practising. You never know, one of you might have a real knack for it and go on to become a world champion one day! 

Try out Snail Racing, Worm Charming, Conkers, Egg Throwing or Marbles for starters.

2 - Get Messy Outdoors - get those wellies on and discover how muddy you're willing to go!

How to beat the autumn blues by getting muddy

Host your very own Mud Tournament in your garden, local park or other public but suitably muddy place. Spend some time with the kids planning your events beforehand. Draw up a score sheet and rules, and then get those wellies on and prepare for battle!

Event ideas include: most mud in a bucket in a minute, best mud face paint, biggest mud pie, or most creative mud pie. This time of year is great for berries so decorate those mud pies with blackberries or colourful leaves and you can have your very own Great British Mud Bake Off!

No mud? How about an Autumn Leaves Tournament instead? Leaf pile races, burying yourselves in leaves or creating leaf pile patterns are just some ideas to get you started. In fact, autumn leaves are one of the best things about autumn, so never mind 'autumn blues' - make the most of the 'autumn hues'!


3 - Get creative - turn your garden, local park or even your living room into a fantasy world.

Create a magical map of your garden

All you need is a big piece of paper, a pencil and some imagination! Draw a rough plan of your house, living room, garden or local park and then choose which features are going to form part of your magical world. That big bush, or 'under the table' can become the dragon's lair. That path - a river of dreams. The bench or rock? The King's throne... anything goes! Need a castle or fairy kingdom? Why not build a den or put a tent up? When you're done, assign roles and let the fun begin!

4 - Get hunting - go rock pooling or embark on a bug hunt

Go rock pooling after school

If you live near the sea - great! A quick after school trip is ideal, or perhaps a weekend expedition to see how many crabs and starfish you can spot. If crabs and anemones are not an option, a bug hunt is just the thing. Autumn is a great time for spotting dragonflies, crane flies and the last batch of butterflies. Or perhaps digging for worms is more your thing!

For some tips on how to make the most of rock pooling or to find out what you need for a successful bug hunt, here are some great websites: How to go rock pooling / What you need for the best bug hunt ever. 


5 - Make your own treasure hunt

Set up a treasure hunt in your house or garden

Many people are put off by the thought of planning all those clues, but we know that setting clues is often the best part! Creating those sneaky clues to tease your family with is great fun, so make 'setting the treasure hunt' part of the activity. Split into two teams, whether that's kids vs adults or mixed ages, get some slips of paper ready and get planning.

First - choose some treasure and go and hide it. Next, write a clue that describes where your hiding place is. It can be as cryptic or as simple as you wish. Then, hide that clue somewhere and write a new clue to describe the hiding place of the first clue. And so on - this is a great activity for around the house and garden. When you've reach a suitable number of clues, keep hold of the last clue you write and hand it to the other team. Time them and see how long it takes them to find your treasure!


6 - Plan a 'Beat the Autumn Blues' Party!

Banish those back to school blues with a party!

Parties don't have to be just for birthdays or special occasions. Why not celebrate Autumn, or 'Friday', or 'getting 10/10 in my spelling test'! As with number 5, planning is all part of the fun so get the kids involved in coming up with some party games, activities and food ideas. Or, if they're old enough - let them take over! Whether it's a party just for your family, or whether you decide to invite a few friends round, a party to look forward to is always going to be a winner.

As well as the more traditional party games like pass the parcel and musical chairs, here are some autumn party ideas to get you started:

Start with a craft session to make some bunting for the party - either draw, colour and cut out leaves, cut out coloured paper, or go and collect real leaves from the park or garden. String them up to set your autumn theme. Then, let the games and activities commence! How about 'leaf blow football' where two people race to blow a leaf across the floor or table using only a straw. Remember those conkers from earlier? Put them to good use with a conker man making competition - who can make one that stands up all by itself? Or why not learn a new song or dance routine to a seasonal themed song ..."All the leaves are brown....?". If it's a clear night, you could even pop out for a bit of star gazing to relax between games.

7 - Soup up your Treasure Trail! 

Get dressed up for your next Treasure Trail

Ideal for a weekend outing or exploring locally to make the most of those daylight hours after school whilst you still can, wherever you choose to explore, make your adventure extra special. Before you head out on your chosen Treasure Trail, make sure your team of clue solvers are well prepared.

Going on a treasure hunt? Make some pirate hats, swords or eye-patches, give yourselves pirate names and prepare some 'treasure' for when you return home victorious.

Heading out on a spy mission? Pick some secret agent names for yourselves and set some secret code words so that you can communicate in public without people knowing what you're talking about. How about 'The squirrel has the nut' for 'I've found the clue!'.

Off to solve a murder mystery? Decide whether you're going to be real detectives, an elite family crime-solving gang or perhaps superheroes on a mission to crack the case. Get your magnifying glasses ready and head out to search for evidence!


Stuck indoors? Start making plans for your next holiday!

The summer holidays may be a distant memory, but half-term is just around the corner so why not sit down with the kids and write a list of things you'd all like to do!

Whatever you get up to this autumn, we hope you've enjoyed reading some of our 'how to beat the autumn blues' ideas. 

Happy Autumn!

20th September 2017

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