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Shakespeare’s Stratford

I was in Stratford recently upgrading our Shakespeare’s Stratford Treasure Trail. Whilst there, I popped into the theatre to see a sculpture I’d heard about.

Shakespeare's Stars

The sculpture is in the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. Loads of stuff is going on all the time there, not just plays!

You can just walk in to see the sculpture from the side doors and up the stairs. According to the plaque it is made up of two thousand metal stars that shimmer and explore Shakespeare’s obsession with time. It is stunning, as is the view from where it is situated.

You should definitely go and see it next time you are in Stratford. 

Shakespeare's Stratford - Shakespeare's Stars
Shakespeare's Stratford - Stratford's Restaurants

Stratford's Restaurants

There are a huge number of places to eat and drink in Stratford. I had fish and chips for lunch. The restaurant was on Waterside, just opposite the theatre. It was a generous portion and delicious.

In the evening we went to a newly opened restaurant called Loxley’s. I had one of the best vegetarian meals I’ve had for a long time. My dish was described as Smoked Tofu, Puy Lentil & Aubergine Fritters, ‘Buffalo’ Cauliflower, Pepper Puree, Tomato & Smoked Chilli Salsa £14.95! Absolutely fabulous!

Things to do

There is so much to see and do in Stratford, I find it difficult to pick out just one thing (apart from a Treasure Trail of course!) One of our favourite things though to do on rainy days is the MAD museum.

We have also been to an Escape Room in the town which we had fun trying to escape from with friends!

Or on sunny days you could just take a picnic and enjoy the atmosphere.

Shakespeare's Stratford - Stratford upon Avon

24th September 2019

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Kew Gardens – Chihuly

There is currently an exhibition on at Kew Gardens which runs until the end of October. I hope you get to see it because it is stunning! Chihuly - Reflections on nature - are iconic artworks in an inspiring setting. But if you don’t make it, there will be other great exhibitions. Even without a special show, visiting Kew Gardens is a fantastic day out.

The Exhibition

You can have a guided tour or pick up a trail guide just for families. We picked up a map of where each artwork was situated and walked around all of them.

We had got to Kew Gardens quite late in the day and only had two hours before it closed. It was just enough.

We loved all the artworks but my favourites were Sapphire Star, Summer Sun and Niijima Floats.   

Kew Gardens - Chihuly - "Sapphire Star", 2010.
Kew Gardens - Chihuly - "Summer Sun", 2010.
Kew Gardens - Chihuly - "NIIJIMA FLOATS", 1992 - 2008

Eating out in Richmond

We were too late to have tea at Kew, so we caught the bus into Richmond. It was a very hot day so a cuppa by the river was just the job! We sat under the shade of enormous trees drinking tea and watching the world go by. Very relaxing! I’d recommend Tide Tables’ cakes too!

There are loads of places to eat in Richmond. That night we ate at Cote Brasserie - affordable and delicious, what more could we ask for!

Kew Gardens - Chihuly - Eating out in Richmond
Kew Gardens - Chihuly - "Neodymium Reeds and Turquoise Marlins"
Kew Gardens - Chihuly - "Opal and Amber Towers", 2018

Have you been to Kew recently? If you have we’d love to hear what you thought of the exhibition. Get in touch via Twitter or Facebook as usual.

14th August 2019

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