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Completed the Trail?

Enter your answer online for a chance to win £100 and download your certificate for the kids (big and small!)

We often get asked if there is real Treasure to be found at the end of the Trails. Whilst this would be great, it just isn’t possible. What we have done though is created a monthly £100 prize draw for all correct entries received that month.



The Treasure Trails prize

We set this up in the hope that it will encourage you to come back to our website and submit your answer as we believe it completes your Trail experience. You’ll find out if you are correct or not, and also discover all of the Trail answers and where they can be found, so you can double check any you got stuck on.

If you are correct then we will enter you into our monthly £100 prize draw, and you can also download our PDF certificate which you can print off at home and give to your little Trailers!


Treasure hunt certificate

One of the big things we would really love for you to do as well is to give us feedback about the Trail – it’s always lovely to hear what a nice time you had on the Trail, but please also let us know if you didn’t enjoy it and tell us about any issues you encountered or how you think we could have improved your Trail experience.

All you need to submit your answer is your Unique Reference Number. Go to our Submit your Answer webpage and then follow the instructions.