Driving and cycling Trails

85% of our Trails are just good old fashioned walking Trails, but we have also written some driving, cycling Trails. You still have to walk around on these Trails to find the clues, but you will explore a much larger area.

The driving Trails are often devised to cover a larger rural area. There will be about 4-5 different stops on the Trail where you get out and solve a series of clues in each location before getting back into your car and going to the next village or stop. These really are great for a full day out. Most driving Trails still involve 2 miles of walking (split between 4-5 locations) and then anything from 10 – 40+ miles of driving. Most take about 4 hours, but add on a lunch stop and you’re set for a great day of exploring.

The cycling Trails are either utilising an established cycle path, or are written much like the driving Trails where you go to anything from 2 to 5 different locations and do a mini Trail in each. You will be solving the clues on foot, but in between you can enjoy a nice leisurely ride. Cycling Trails take anything from 2 – 4 hours.


Driving Treasure Hunts