Dog friendly day out | Treasure Trails

Are Treasure Trails a dog friendly day out?

We are often asked if Trails are suitable for dogs. We always find this a tough one to answer as we feel it is subjective. 90% of our Trails would require a dog to be kept close to you on a lead as they go through streets where there are people and traffic. So whilst on many of the Trails there will be a few clues in a park where you can let Rover off for a good old run-around, there will be times when he will need to be on a lead. So if this is ok with you, then most of our Trails will be fine for you to take Rover along to help solve the clues.

None of the Trails enter private land, so no problems there, but it is worth mentioning that some parks and church grounds where we have clues don’t allow dogs – we have tried to include this information on our Trail pages, but if in any doubt please just give us a call.


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Dave the Dog out on the Plymouth Trail

Dog friendly day out