David and Amanda Ingham | Treasure Trails

David and Amanda Ingham - Gold Trail Writing Partners

Here, David and Amanda tell us what they like best about Treasure Trails and what they’re focusing on now, even after all these years!

Now trading as Explore 4 Fun, we are a husband and wife team and have been writing Treasure Trails since 2007. One of the features of Treasure Trails that we particularly like is that customers can do the Trails in their own time and at their own pace. This is why we’ve chosen to specialise in creating personalised Trails that customers can also do in their own time and at their own pace. This includes preparing fun games and challenges for hen parties, stag parties, small companies and charities, birthday parties and other special occasions, all of which can be facilitated by the customers themselves. If required we are happy to create interactive games along the route of a Trail that require the participants to text in information and receive information back to help them solve the mystery. 


David and Amanda Ingham

David and Amanda can be contacted by phone on 07736 305648 or through the email contact pages. Follow Amanda on Twitter @Xplore4Fun and @ExploreHereford, David’s twitter name is @ExploreWorcs.