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Answers to our most recent free puzzles can be found below - if however you are looking for the answers to another puzzle which is not here, and are itching to know if you are right or not, then please contact us via our contact page and we'll be able to let you know if you managed to unpick our puzzle and solve the mystery!


Answer to the Skiing Puzzle

Loved zooming down the slopes without suffering from those embarrassing face plants into the snow! Incredible what Google Street View have done isn't it!

The answer to the question of what was written on the bottom of the guys skis is:


To get to the right place on the ski runs, you had to convert the following:

Find the intersection between the two ski runs of ‘8,6,14,14,18,7, 8,18,3’ and ‘23 U’.

Using the logic of Z = 1, Y = 2, and A = 26 etc, to convert numbers to letters and letters to numbers.

The missing part of the instruction was 'Summit Six' and 'D6'.

Head down the slope a little way, and look up!!

Answer to Ski Puzzle

Answers to the Around the World Trip Puzzle

Around the World Trip

We hope that you enjoyed solving our Around the World Trip Puzzle (and got some inspiration for your summer holidays!)

The final solution (and flight code to get you home!) is: 

Answers to the individual clues are as follows:
The answer is: Fish

The answer is: Father Christmas

The answer is: Heather Headley 

The answer is: Adagio

The answer is: Pimms 

The answer is: V (for Veendam)

The answer is: Travel

The answer is: Iris Burn Hut


Answer to the Maze Trail

We hope that you loved searching for a way out of the Maze and collecting all 21 items. The correct route can be seen below.

Maze Trail Answer

The Clock Puzzle

Answers to The Clock Puzzle

We hope that you enjoyed solving The Clock Puzzle, and it didn't take too much 'time' (get it ;-)). The answers can be seen below, along with the best times recorded so far!

Clue 1: The clock is in New York City, which is -5 hours from GMT

Clue 2: The clock is in Munich, which is +1 hours from GMT

Clue 3: The clock is in Mecca, which is +3 hours from GMT

Clue 4: The clock is in Yokohama, which is +9 hours from GMT

Clue 5: The clock is in Jaipur, which is +5.5 hours from GMT

Clue 6: The clock is in Niagra Falls, which is -5 hours from GMT

Clue 7: The clock is in Prague, which is +1 hours from GMT

Clue 8: The clock is in London, which is 0 hours from GMT

Clue 9: The clock is in Istanbul, which is +3 hours from GMT

Clue 10: The clock is in Philadelphia, which is -5 hours from GMT

Clue 11: The clock is in Moscow, which is +3 hours from GMT

Clue 12: The clock is in San Fransisco, which is -8 hours from GMT


The final answer once all of these have been added together is 2.5 hours


Wow - this is a tough puzzle and has a lot of you stumped!

Those who have completed it so far are…

Jo Postles : 10:10 mins
Petra Ashby : 12:30 mins
Kitty Maerz : 13:00 mins
Rob Weston : 13:00 mins
Tejel Patel : 13:00 mins
Caroline Dent : 14:55 mins
Ewa : 7:00 mins
Lauren Harris : 7:10 mins
Isla : 8:22 mins
Giles Ashford : 9:47 mins
Maureen Smith : No time given 
Alan Chambers : No time given 
helen glasscoe : No time given 
Jacqui Molyneux : No time given 
jonah fox : No time given 
Julia : No time given 
Lyn Marshall : No time given 
Jenny Ridall : No time given 
Emma Barker: 14 minutes
Anona Gaye: 13.07
Hannah: No time given
David Chaplin: No time given
Jennifer Norris: No time given
Diana Young: No time given
James Lawrenson: No time given
Nicola Hill: 11.23 mins
Thomasin Silk: No time given


And a special mention to this guy. Wrong answer Alan, but we like your perseverance:

Alan Michel: 8 1/2 hours - it also took me about 8 1/2 hours to complete as I enjoy learning about different cities and their various landmarks and attractions.


Answers to the 'Whatever the Weather' Puzzle

The answers to the individual clues on our 'Whatever the Weather' puzzle are as follows:







Taking the shaded letters and putting them in their respective place in the Answer Grid should look like the following:

The Weather Puzzle - Answer Grid Solution

Now taking these letters and putting them into the Code Grid would result in you having the following:

The Weather Puzzle - Code Grid Solution

Giving you a final answer of...


We really hoped that you enjoyed the puzzle, and let's indeed hope for an Indian Summer!


Answer to the Secret DNA of a Super-Trailer Puzzle

Our Trailers are as cleaver as Einstein!

We hope you enjoyed solving the puzzle to discover the pattern in the DNA of a Super-Trailer!

There were three elements to the puzzle.

Firstly, you had to find the 11 occurances of the colour sequence. These can be seen on the below image.

Next, taking the letter or number which was in the top left corner of the black box within each sequence, the following was revealed...

99th Element

Finally... why is this so interesting? Well, the 99th Element on the peridoc table is called Einsteinium - named after none other than Albert Einstein! 

So, our top 1% of Trailers must be clever!

Answers to the Super-Trailer Puzzle

Answer to the Spring puzzle

Hopefully our spring-themed puzzle has inspired you to explore on a Treasure Trail over the next few weeks!

Well done if you solved the puzzle and got the final answer as


The answers to the individual questions were as follows:

1.    H, T, B, W, S, T, T were the first letters of each line. The next letter in the sequence was A.
2.    T, S, S, T, T, guessed it...the last letter of each line! The next letter in the sequence was E. 
3.    6,4,5 relates to the line number, the position of the word in line and the position of the letter in word. 11,4,6 = V.
4.    The other letter which is doubled is L which is in the word 'Telling'.
5.    The 109th letter in the poem is N which is in the word 'caressing'.
6.    OAT SHOPPER (that well known phrase!) can be rearranged to spell out APOSTROPHE. The only word with an apostrophe in the poem is 'Winter's', with the letter before the apostrophe being R. 



Answers to The Impossible Question quiz

We hope that you enjoyed 'The Impossible Question' puzzle! The final solution was 11:40 (or twenty to twelve!)

Answers to the individual clues were as follows:

Link 1: 
2. Talk Quietly - Wispa
4. Spin Around - Twirl
7. Feline Equipment - Kit Kat
8. Reward - Bounty
9. Mother’s Local Drinking Hole - Mars Bar
10. Locals from Malta - Maltesers
1. Earth's Home - Milky Way
3. Outside Meal - Picnic
5. Big Cat’s Pub - Lion Bar
6. Dairy Holder - Milk Tray

Link 2:
Willy Wonka

Link 3:
Pure Imagination - A Daffodil

Link 4:
Saint Keverne


And if you managed to find the answer to the Bonus Question, then you will know the answer was 'Muddy' - which can be found on Walkers delivery van, and 'Blooming' - which can be found in St Keverne Stores shop window!



CrossWorld© answers

We hope that our puzzle helped bash the winter blues whilst you dreamt of your summer holidays!

The final answer to the puzzle was MONTSERRAT. This was reached by rearranging the shaded letters within the crossword.

The answers to each of the clues were as follows:


1.(Phuket, Thailand) - What is two up from James Bond?  

Answer: MOJITO

1 Across answer

3. (The Burj Kalifa, Dubai) - Who is Dean’s partner in the café?

Answer: DELUCA

3 Across answer

5.  (Sifnos, Greece) - At the top of the list is bread. What is at the bottom? 

Answer: STAMPS

5 Across answer

6. (Machu Picchu, Peru) - ‘Viva La’ what?


6 Across answer

8. (Sydney, Australia) - The ‘what’ is a history about love, loyalty and broken promises? 


8 Across answer

9. (Disneyland, Florida) - What royal can you find here?


9 Across answer


1.   (St Lucia) - What famous fictional creature can you find here? 


1 Down answer

2.  The Seychelles - Find the sail boats. Take the individual digits on one of the boats and add these together. Write your answer in words.  


2 Down answer

4. (Mauritius) - Where should you book? 

Answer: HERE

4 Down answer

7. (Table Mountain, South Africa) - What gorge is below Castle Rock?

7 Down answer


Answer to the Mystery Halloween Puzzle

We hope that you enjoyed our spooky story of the Carpenter family as they solved the last few clues on their Treasure Trail. Hoepfully you solved the clues as well and came up with the final solution of VERONICA MAY MARCEAU.


Answer to the Poldark Dot to Dot puzzle

We hope you enjoyed our Poldark Dot to Dot puzzle; it is certainly one of the trickier puzzles we have done!

The overal task was to find the secret word linked to Poldark. This was WINSTON

Winston Graham was the author of the Poldark books. He wrote the first four Poldark books during the 1940s and 1950s. Following a long break, he resumed the series and published The Black Moon in 1973.

The final solution can be reached as follows:

Part 1 - the Dot to Dot

If you followed the instructions, found and correctly linked numbers 1-157 then you would have had the following Dot to Dot puzzle sheet:

The Poldark Dot to Dot puzzle

Part 2

Once you have connected all of the numbers 1-157, you need to work out what the 4 drawings associated to Poldark are.

They are as follows:

1. Cornwall - Poldark is based in Cornwall and the image is the map of Cornwall.

2. Scythe - There is a rather famous scene from the first series involving a scythe and a topless Ross Poldark!

3. Mine - A lot of the story revolves around the tin mines. The image is of an engine house typical of the tin mines in Cornwall (many of which still stand).

4. Tin - This was a tough one, but 'Sn' is the chemical symbol for Tin - did this stump you?


The Poldark Dot to Dot puzzle

Part 3

Once the words describing the images are written on the lines, taking those letters which are underlined in red (if you followed the instructions!) will give you the letters OWSTINN.

Rearranged, these spell out WINSTON!


The Poldark Dot to Dot puzzle

Next challenge?

Get your friends and family out on a Trail this week!

We always love hearing from our Trailers, and it was an extra special bit of feedback we received from one Trailer the other day which put a huge smile on our faces... 

“Treasure Trails totally transformed our family experience - we went from an afternoon of dragging our kids around a town in hopes of seeing historical sites, to having them eagerly (drag) us from place to place. Rather than a day of friction, we had a day of bonding, of learning, of engaging and of fun. We left feeling accomplished, proud, and energized. Thank you Treasure Trails.”



Answers to the Wimbledon Tennis Game, Set & Match puzzles

We hope that our Wimbledon puzzle warmed you up for some Trail solving this summer! The answers are as follows:


1.    Bee or Bricks = Boris Becker
2.    New Slim Aerials = Serena Williams
3.    View A Rain Dig = Virginia Wade
4.    Tennis Ordeal = Daniel Nestor    
5.    Gent Feeds Bar = Stefan Edberg



4 E S in the F R =  4 Empty Seats in the Front Row 
N M P H S = Ninety Mile Per Hour Serve



The ball was in square B2.


The Wimbledon Tennis puzzle answer

Exploring on a Treasure Trail

Enjoyed the puzzle? Time to get out and about solving one of our Trails across the country!


Answer to the Treasure Trails dot to dot puzzle

We warned you that it was a tough one! We hope you enjoyed having a go at our dot to dot though and hopefully you solved the puzzle!

The final answer as to where the treasure was hidden was GLASTONBURY TOR.

The image below shows the dot to dot puzzle completed. The different elements are as follows:

-  A map of the UK with an 'X' over Somerset

-  A couple of musical notes (as in Glastonbury Festival!)

-  An image of the Tor itself

-  The dashes at the bottom of the page _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _     _ _ _ with the letters L & N already put in (the remaining letters for you to work out spell GLASTONBURY TOR)

We'd love to know what you thought of the puzzle, and please feel free to share it with your friends to see if they can solve it!


The dot to dot puzzle solution

Answers to the May Queen puzzle

Well done if you solved the May Queen puzzle - we hope that you didn't go too mad watching the video over and over again!

The 2016 Treasure Trails May Queen was Sarah Foster.


The answers to the individual clues are as follows:

1. April (April Wilson)

Bracken house has a fantastic clock on it, which if you look closely at you will also see the months around the edge. April is at 7 o'clock.

2. RAB (R.A.Brady)

The man who says "whatever age" in the video is wearing a RAB jacket (no we don't have shares!)

3. 8127 = HABG (Yasmin Habg)

A tough one this; if you look closely on the old metal work on which the couple have found the answer to a clue, there is the number 8127.

4. Erected (T.E.Creed)

High up above the set of lights is the word "Erected". An anagram of which is T.E.Creed.

5. IN (Isabelle Nelson)

The code is the sixth word on the sixth line which is "IN" .

6. Bicycle (Y.C. Blice)

The girl at the start of the video has a bicycle on her t-shirt. An anagram of which is Y.C.Blice.

7. 36 = CF (Claire Foster)

The man appears 36 times on the map of the UK on the beach. C is the third letter of the alphabet and F the sixth; these are the initials of Claire Foster.


Answer to The Colouring Puzzle

We hope that you enjoyed our puzzle within the colouring puzzle!

The overall solution was 'CASTING'

This could be found as follows:

Part 1

Once the colouring in puzzle was completed, you should have had something like the below! Within this, there is a dingbat style clue for which the answer was 'Southend-on-Sea'.

This could be worked out as follows:

  • All shapes coloured in blue, purple and black make up the dingbat elements; all the pink, red, yellow and green shapes are irrelevant to the dingbat puzzle.

The elements are:

  • - a 'South' compass point
  • - the word 'END'
  • - a long line which 'South' and 'END' sit on
  • - the letter C
  • - Combined, these make 'Southend-on-Sea'!

The picture below shows this.

Part 2

Once you have gone to Google Maps and typed in 'Southend-on-Sea', you will be able to see an attraction on the coastline called 'Adventure Island' (hence our reference to find an 'island of adventure'). 

From here you can see a line running SSE out to sea, this is in fact Southend-on-Sea pier (which is 1.34 miles long!)

The next step was to pick up the golden 'Google man' and drop him on one of the blue (photo sphere) circles. Now there are a few of these at the end of the pier, but this is a treasure hunt! 

One of the blue (photo sphere) circles is a picture by Daniel Cupples of the end of the pier.

If you look around here you will see a number of signs which say 'NO OVERHEAD CASTING'.


The Colouring Puzzle

The Colouring Puzzle dingbat

The Colouring Puzzle - map answer

The Colouring Puzzle - Photo Sphere

The Colouring Puzzle - final answer

Answer to the Easter puzzle

We hope that you enjoyed putting all the pieces of the eggs back together and that you managed to find the answer to our simple question.

The four different eggs had the following information on them:

1. A picture of the Hibernian football club logo

2. The Google Maps logo

3. An image of the Google Maps man which brings up Street View and the search box (to hopefully enter Hibernian football club into - which is on Easter Road!)

4. The written instructions on the brown egg were "Go to the entrance which shares its name with Enid Blyton's heroes. Search this area and tell us 'What you can't email'?"

If you went to Google Maps and searched around the football stadium on Street View then you would have found the Famous 5 entrance. Opposite this a billboard advertising Nescafe saying that "You can't email a hug".

So the final answer is 'A HUG'!


The Famous 5 stand at Hibernian Football Stadium

You can't email a hug!