Top 10 Spookiest Trails for Fearless Families

We've compiled a list of our Top 10 Spookiest Trails for fearless families to explore in the run up to Halloween.With scary storylines featuring ghosts, vampires, witches and wizards, these self-guided Trails will take you on a ghoulish adventure, as you crack the cryptic clues en route to unlock scary stories from the past and solve the mystery at the end!

1. Pendle Witches

Double, Double Toil and Trouble -

The assembly at the Pendle School of Witchraft was spellbound when it was announced that Miss Sabrina, the enchanting Head of Spelling, had been found murdered in the broom cupboard. But which witch wished this wicked wish? Clues to the murder have been scattered like stardust around the Pendle hills. Solve the crime and you may win a prize!

2. Whitby – Curse of the Vampire

The Curse of the Whitby Vampire

For 100 years and more, the undead Ivan Tsukyablud has been under the curse of the evil Witch Cackle. Cold, pale and blood-thirsty, this Whitby Vampire is destined to plague the town for eternity. Fortunately, local French chef Monsieur Gordon Bleu, tired of a constant garlic shortage, has unearthed a treasure map and clues pointing to where the witch's spellbook is buried. Can YOU solve the clues, locate the spellbook and lift the curse?

3. Portland – Pirates’ Graveyard

Smugglers in the Storm

In 1762 a ferocious storm destroyed a Cornish ship, killing all her crew and scattering her cargo, leaving it to drift with the tide into Portland. The Kings Men were ready to gather it up but when they pulled it ashore all that was left were empty crates. Portland Smugglers had got there first and stashed it somewhere on Portland. You need to solve the clues to locate the missing contraband and hand it to the customs men but you had better watch out, those Smugglers are a nasty bunch!

4. Haunted Hitchin

Can you help track down the spooky diamond crown?

Floss the ghost has lost her head! She was accidentally beheaded wearing the diamond crown she'd stolen while alive and now she can't pull herself together to track it down! Help her get it back before the famous Ghost Hunter and Army Major, "Para" Norman gets there and punishes Floss with a fate worse than death. Floss has a list of clues to places she has been recently, but work fast, Para Norman is coming to town to investigate!

5. Staithes – The Mermaid's Curse

Find the Treasure and Lift the Mermaid's Curse!

Years ago, malcontent mermaid Molly Minnow put a curse on Staithes. She got stuck between a rock and a hard plaice and was left floundering whilst fishermen, perched on the quay, watched on. To lift the curse, YOU must locate a solid gold fish and return it to the sea. For-tuna-tely, local lad John Dory, tired of herring people carping on about the curse, trawled through the archives to unearth a treasure map and a set of clues to help you...

6. Wicked Wizard of Alnwick

Witch one done it?

Rumours are rife among local witches and wizards after the news of a mysterious death just below the wall of Alnwick Castle. New wizard Henry Patter has many fingers pointing at him but he knows he is innocent. He has heard that there is a trail of clues around Alnwick that will lead to the identity of the guilty one. Henry has appealed for assistance to solve this mystery. Do you feel up to this task?

7. Winchester City Ghost Trails

Dem Bones, Dem Bones!

Some ancient bones uncovered during the course of an archaeological excavation near St Batholemew's Church have gone missing, presumed stolen. The relocation of the skeletal remains seems to have unleashed the wrath of the spirit world on the team involved in the dig; each member of the team is being plagued by terrifying paranormal phenomena. Can you help the traumatised antiquarians find the missing bones so that they can return them to their rightful place and by doing so, placate their long dead owners?
The well-known ghost hunter, Professor S. P. Ectre, of Prestbury village, rumoured to have discovered the secrets of Prestbury's ghosts, has been lost in the Amazon Rain Forest seeking further ghosts and spirits. His heirs are seeking the treasure he buried for safekeeping before he left and, on going through his desk, they have found a map and set of clues to locate this treasure! Can you help them? Good luck and let us know how you get on!

9. The Clerkenwell Clown Caper

Clown attacks in Clerkenwell are no laughing matter!

Amateur circus entertainer and part-time PR exec Lottie Goodwill has been found murdered, head buried in an enormous foam-topped pie in a Clerkenwell cafe. Police are unsure of the exact cause of death. Witnesses saw a person dressed as a clown running from the scene carrying a pair of oversized shoes. No-one could agree if the person was male or a female. Can you follow the trail of clues to find out how it happened and whom we should be bringing into "custardy"?

10. The Ghost of Dick Whittington

Unlock the doors to City Hall!

Deciding he'd like his old job back; the ghost of Richard Whittington has awoken to cause mischief. Dick has imposed a ghostly curse on the doors of City Hall, locking them to prevent the Mayor of London from entering. Only by following the Trail, solving the clues and discovering the de-activation code will you be able save the day and let Sadiq in!

Are you brave enough to explore on any of these Trails?

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Happy Trailing!

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