Things to do in the Black and White Villages of Herefordshire

One cold afternoon in March we took some friends out for an explore around the black and white Herefordshire villages. They were enchanted.

Things to do in Shobden

First we went to Shobdon Church because I know our friends are interested in architecture. The church is unique as there are no other churches in English so completely Rococo in style. This is a style of architecture that likes surprises and the interior of the church is very different to the norm. The walls, ceiling and furniture are all a delicate pastel shade of blue and look like a wedding cake. The pulpit has a ‘look no hands’ quality about it as it appears to be held up by delicate scrolls which in reality can’t possibly be supporting it. It really is a delight.

Things to do in the Black and White Villages of Herefordshire

Things to do in Eardisland

Things to do in the Black and White Villages of Herefordshire

There is loads to see in this tiny village. First we looked at the AA box in the car park. It is a survivor from the 1920s. In the 1960s all the old boxes were replaced with little telephone boxes on metal posts but this one was saved by a local AA man. It is kept unlocked so visitors can look inside and across the road in the dovecote is an exhibition about it too.

The dovecote is fascinating and currently houses a WWI exhibition along with all the AA memorabilia. To get to it, you pop a 20p coin into a slot and the lights go on for 15 minutes, which is so quirky. At the foot of the stairs is a community run shop for essentials too. Feels like you've stepped into the 1950s. 

Things to do in Pembridge

Next we headed to Pembridge and the Old Chapel Gallery. This wonderful place is stuffed full of beautiful things from tiny pots and jewellery to enormous paintings and sculptures. There is something for everyone. Our friends bought a gorgeous pot for their mantlepiece and we picked up a candle and a poster. We then went next door to Ye Olde Steppes tea room with its amazing cakes which we couldn't resist. To complete our afternoon we wandered up to Pembridge Church which interestingly has its bell tower detached from the rest of the church. Unfortunately we were just too late to go inside as it shut at 5.00. Maybe we shouldn’t have stopped for cake!   

Things to do in the Black and White Villages of Herefordshire

The route of the Weobley and More Treasure Hunt starts in Eardisland, stops in Pembridge and finishes in Weobley. So now you know you will be in for a treat or two if you search for treasure around the black and white villages of Herefordshire.

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