20 Random Questions with Sam

We are always looking for things to do and things to write about so we recently connected with the Business Development and Customer Relations Manager of Treasure Trails based in Cornwall and asked him 20 questions!

What is your full name?

Sam Ian James Willsher

What's your day job?

I get involved with a lot of different areas within the business. From talking to customers, monitoring online sales and identifying new sales channels I’ve certainly got a lot of things to keep me busy. 

Favourite board game?

Hmmm, I haven’t played a board game for a long time; I must get them down from the loft. If I had to choose it’s certainly Monopoly. I have my own winning strategy, but I’m not going to tell you!

 Favourite joke?

What’s a pirates favourite letter? You’d think it'd be RRRRR, but ’tis the C they love - boom boom!

Look into your crystal ball. What is the 'next big thing' going to be?

20 Random Questions - Sam - Max and Emily exploring together

You’re probably going to think that I’m a pushy parent but I have great hopes for my children. Max is nearly 4 but loves playing all sports especially golf. So Rory Mcilroy you better watch out! My little girl Emily is only 1 but I’ve already got tennis lessons booked for her when she’s able to hold a racket.

Favourite moment you have experienced working for TT?

When a Mum who’s child has Autism thanked me for helping her son to get out and explore with her using our Trails. It’s the little things like that really make all the hard work worth it!

Do you have a claim to fame?

Not that I can think of. However I like to tell people that my wife’s Dad was the helicopter instructor pilot on the Krypton Factor. I used to love that TV show!

One top tip you will pass on to your children?

Don’t pay for a round of drinks in a 5 star hotel. This advice was passed down from my Dad and has stood me in good stead!

What did you want to be when you grew up?

I never really had one thing that I wanted to be.  I just knew that I wanted to enjoy what I was doing as you see so many people in jobs they hate. I grew up in a very unique family business call Papers Past, selling original newspapers from the day you were born so I certainly know how to sell niche products like Treasure Trails.

Is there a cause or charity close to your heart?

Attending my local Blood donation sessions as I think if you are willing to accept blood, if you need a major operation, then it’s good to give as well. Get donating today! I only really go for the cup of tea and biscuits afterwards!

Chocolate, biscuits or crisps to sustain you whilst out exploring?

Tough choice! I’m going to have to go for chocolate. However we do have a family tradition of having a cream tea after we’ve solved a Trail.

Ah, so you like tea - well if you can have tea with any famous person, past or present. Who will it be and what one question would you ask them? (OK that's 2 questions)

I’m a rugby fan so having tea (ideally a beer) with Jonny Wilkinson would be great. I would love to know “what it felt like to kick that winning drop goal back in 2003?”

Tell us your favourite quirky fact.

Your chances of being killed by a vending machine are actually twice as large as your chance of being bitten by a shark. So you might want to steer clear when you’re next feeling peckish.

Favourite place?

At home with my family. Time is precious so it’s good to be with the ones you love, sorry for being soppy!

We thought you might be soppy - so which movie last made you cry?

A home movie of my little boy when he first started to walk. I gets me every time!

Walking, bike, bus or train?

Walking, it gives me time to think!

What one thing do you hope to have achieved by the end of tomorrow, next week or next year?

End of tomorrow – get my one year old to sleep through the night. End of next week – catch up on all of the sleep I’ve missed over the past year. End of next year -  I’ve got so many DIY jobs to do around the house it will probably take a whole year to get them finished!

Where do you want to explore next?

After watching the Channel 4 documentary “Walking the Himalayas” I started to get itchy feet and an urge to explore the world. However let’s be a bit more realistic and start off with the North Cornish Coast. We’ve got a family holiday booked in Bude coming up so you can guess what we will be doing. Yep, the Bude Treasure Trail.

Which is your favourite Treasure Trail?

Living in Cornwall my family and I are certainly spoilt for choice on the Treasure Trail front. However we had a great staycation in the Lake District in 2015 and we really enjoyed the Grasmere Trail. The scenery was amazing but the highlight for me was discovering the famous Grasmere Ginger biscuits. Yummy, yummy!

Talking of food - you mentioned cream teas, but if you had to choose between Picnic, Pub or Posh place at the end of a walk which would it be?

A picnic lunch on a sunny north Cornish beach with my wife Lucy and kids Max and Emily. Take me there now!

Ed: thanks Sam for giving us an insight - we all love a family man who takes his kids out exploring! And of course going on a Treasure Trail is the perfect solution when looking for things to do with the family.