Things To Do

“We are off for a walk”, said Mum

“No thanks” said Jen “I don’t want to come

I’d rather stay here and just hum!”

“We are off for a walk”, she said

“Come on get up, get out of bed”

“Nah not me” said Jen and buried her head.

“We are off for a walk” Mum called

“You’ll miss your chance for ices cold

And other goodies” she bawled.

“We are just out for a stroll”, she cajoled

“It’s sunny and nice and we won’t go far”

But Jen stays quiet, she’s been fooled before!

“Come on” said Mum, “I won’t tell you again

It’s time to get ready and get out of your den”.

“No way, not even if you count to ten!”

“OK, said Mum “I am getting irate,

And if you don’t get up, we are going to be late

And really Jen, I’ve got enough on my plate!”

“Why won’t you come” asks Mum so sweet

“Cos its boring and dull and not up my street

I want adventures to get on my feet!”

“Something to do as you walk along

That’s what will make a right from wrong

And there’s no point in just singing a song!”

Ah, something to do Mum looked a bit sly

“I know what will bring you outside” she did cry

“Some clues and a story all about a clever spy!”

“Hmm, that sounds like it might be fun

Can I wear a hat and carry a gun?”

Mum said to Jen – “Sure thing little one!”

So she got herself all ready to go

“Come on Mum, you’re being so slow

I want to go now, don’t say no!”

“Wait” said Mum, “I need to download

A spy mission booklet to find out a code

And we can have fun just up the road.”

Ready at last, Mum locked the Yale

Off out for the day on a fun Treasure Trail

We laughed and we laughed and did not fail.

One of the best things to do we know

When Jen is ready and we head out to go

To find and defeat the spy master’s foe!

There’s hide and seek and sorting out a clue

And lots of walking although you don’t realise you do

And then at the end we are tired right through!

Treasure Trails ticks lots of boxes, we love playing games

And that is the point and one of her aims

A perfect day out our Mum always claims!!

Things To Do