Gifts for Christmas

Sometimes it can be hard to find something a bit different and that is easy to post; doesn’t cost a fortune and is suitable for ages.

Treasure Trails ticks all those boxes and more!

Something different

If the recipient of your gift hasn’t heard of Treasure Trails they will be delighted and intrigued with your gift. With over 1,200 Trails to choose from we are confident that you can find one from the catalogue that will be either close to where the person it is intended for lives, or be close to where they often go on holiday or for the weekend.

Look at the catalogue of Trails on the website by region and select one the one that appeals. Choosing is easy - decide where to go; whether you want to use one of the driving or cycling Trails or stick to walking; and which theme your recipient would like most - a murder mystery, a lost treasure story or a spy mission!

Easy to post

So once you’ve chosen and then ordered the Trail from the website, you can relax in the knowledge it will come by first class post to you. One Treasure Trail booklet fits into a standard A5 envelope and is light enough for the standard postage costs of either a second or first class stamp. They are easy to wrap too as they are not one of those awkward shapes!  Once you get it from us, it is easy to forward it on to Auntie Sue and Uncle Jonny or friends with children that you usually buy chocolates for!

Great value for money

A Treasure Trail represents excellent value for money, particularly if it is used by a family of 4 or 5 but even for a couple it works out at less than the price of two cinema tickets or two tickets for a football match, or two tickets to go into a National Trust property!

Suitable for all ages

We write the Treasure Trails so that children as young as 6 or 7 can get fully involved in solving the clues. Many of the clues need to be found before they can be solved and children are experts at hide and seek! As long as a child can read, they can play. If they are younger then they will enjoy the walk with Mum and Dad or Grandma and Grandpa and every one benefits from the fresh air and exercise! We always say they are suitable from 6 to 106 and whilst we don’t know of anyone of 106 enjoying our Trails, we do know some 90 year olds that do!!

Once you’ve chosen which Trail you want, there are three ways to get it. 

How much time you’ve got before Christmas Day could dictate which option you go for.

Gift for Christmas - Sometimes it can be hard to find something a bit different and that is easy to post; doesn’t cost a fortune and is suitable for ages.

Print at Home (PDF Download)

This is the one to opt for when you are in rush (perhaps its Christmas Day morning) and you can simply select to download, pay the purchase price and you will receive an email with a link to download from. Print the Trail on your home printer, fold it into a booklet and hey presto a gift that is certain to be a hit.

Printed by Us

With a bit more planning, you can have the Trail booklet posted out to you first class. Whilst the content is the same as the downloaded version, this time it comes in a wrapper and is professionally printed and is stiff enough to gift wrap. You could add a compass or a pair of walking socks to the gift too!

Personalised by You

For the super organised, you can personalise your chosen Trail on line using the Treasure Trails’ bespoke software. It makes the Treasure Trail experience even more special as you can change the wording of the title and back story, upload a picture on the front cover, and even add photos of your loved ones to the list of murder suspects. Your Trail will be posted first class and should be delivered to you within 3-5 working days at this time of year. The Personalised Trail is only available as a printed version, not as a pdf download.

Tell us who you buy a Treasure Trail for this year - we’d love to know.