Fun Places to Eat in London

There are a bewildering number of fun places to eat in London! We tried two recently, both delicious and a fun experience with a tea stop in between.

First Stop: Korea

Our day started when we stepped off the train in Euston. After two stops on the Tube and a short walk from Goodge Street station we arrived outside Bibimbap, a Korean restaurant.

It was around half past one and they were lunchtime busy but quickly found us a table for two.

We picked from a variety of yummy sounding toppings. We also chose whether we wanted brown or white rice and raw or cooked egg. The food came quickly and in hot stone bowls.

Filling and nutritious - can't ask for more. Add a couple of soft drinks and a tip and the bill came to just over £30. Bargain we thought. 

Fun Places to Eat in London - How to order Bibimbap

Next in Egypt

Fun Places to Eat in London - The British Museum

The British Museum was our next destination.

Currently interested in all things Egypt (are you watching Tutankhamun on ITV?) we thoroughly enjoyed the permanent exhibition of Egyptian architecture from 1000 or so years BC to the Roman times!

The displays are vast. It's incredible how well preserved the statues are when you think how old they are.

The central display is the amazing (and must be seen) drum roll please... Rosetta Stone.

After a cup of tea in the cafe there we headed to Covent Garden and All Bar One for something a little stronger.

Our day ended with a trip to the theatre to see 1984 which brought us back down to earth with a bump!

Have you found some great places to eat in London? We’d love to try your recommendations. In the meantime, the Covent Garden Murder Mystery is close to where we were at the end of that day and one of our most popular London Trails. 

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