Dingbat Detectives!

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You’re off to a flying start Puzzlers!

Here’s your next puzzle to solve:

Puzzle 02 is below for you to get cracking on. Remember, once solved, read the instructions again to find out what answer you need to submit! Look out for Puzzle 03 in another three days time!

Download the puzzle here and then submit the puzzle answer (as stated in the puzzle instructions) via the form below. We’ll then email you back a second letter or number to save and use along with a reminder of your highly important (and secret) instructions on what to do next!

Every Friday from the 18th September until the 4th December 2020, we’ll update the Puzzle Academy Leaderboard tracking your progress. Be sure to use a consistent Puzzle Master Name and email address. Oh, and we can only accept your first answer, so make sure you’ve double checked your solution and you’re happy with it before you click submit!

Good luck Puzzlers!

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