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I like windy walks with my dog Barney

Well, actually I don’t have a dog as I have already said (but if I did he would be called Barney). I think it’s good to know who we are. Hopefully if you understand our quirky sense of humour and adventurous outlook on life, you’ll quickly see that this extends to how we create our Treasure Trails.

You may have already had a peek at who the Trail Writers are; these are the heroes of Treasure Trails; they are the ones you’ll see on a cold February morning writing a new clue as the last one is under 6 inches of water! In addition to the Trail Writers, there are a lot of Trailers who help us out (to whom we are forever grateful), and of course the staff who run the business from the office in Truro


Aaron Hutchens

Chief Mischief Maker

He’s always got so much to say, but surprisingly he’s decided to let pictures do most of the talking (well kind of!) ...


Sam Willsher

Head of Marketing Mumbo Jumbo

'The business tycoon of Truro!' Well that’s what I think his autobiography will be called – always thinking of ways to make Treasure Trails bigger and better...


Tristan Barratt

Product Management Wizard and IT Guru

"Err, how do I build that webpage again?" Is one of the most common questions Tristan hears - luckily he can usually help to relieve the office Wordpress-ure, as well as unleashing an unhealthy array of puns...

Passionate about our Trails, he is currently working through a full audit of our 1,200 catalgoue to ensure the Trails are as AWESOME as they can be!


Phil Allatt

Business owner

Phil is the IT mastermind behind Treasure Trails; having built the first Treasure Trails software in 2006. He jumped at the opportunity to buy the business in 2013...


Becca Scouse

Number Crunching Manager

Highly organised and driven, Becca is the perfect cog in our machine to ensure that all the numbers are right :)


Jacqui Begg

Admin and Operations Assistant

Jacqui is likely to be the first person you'll speak to on the phone at Treasure Trails. Great with distribution and spreadsheets, she spends a lot of time working with Tristan on improving the Trail quality. 


Jasmin Robson

Customer Happiness Team Coordinator

Jasmin joined the team in April 2018 and is loving getting to know the Trails and the rest of the wacky team!


Kylie Orchard

Customer Happiness Team (and Trail addict)

Having done over 20 Trails before she even joined the Team, Kylie didn't need an explanation on how the Trails worked and why we value our Trailers so much; perfect fit for the Team - I think so!


Rachel Foxton

Customer Happiness Team 

Rachel loves a good book almost as much as she loves a good Trail! With an educational background in magazine journalism, Rachel has a way with the words and is always keen to ensure our Trailers have the very best of service!


Jane Harvey

Jane is one of our Treasure Trail Writing Partners, but also helps with customer enquiries, managing our Facebook page and being a general lifesaver to help out when we’re busy (and to correct our grammer!) (*“And spelling - it’s grammar - ‘ar’ at the end guys!” - Jane)


Amanda Ingham

Amanda is another one of our Treasure Trail Writing Partners, but also writes our fantastic blog posts.


Aaron Hutchens

Sam Willsher

Tristan Barratt

Phil Allatt