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Sorry, but this Trail is not available at the moment. We are either in the middle of writing it, or changing a few things to make it even better. Check back soon or why not try one of our other Trails?


In disguise as an historian, the greedy Isiah Downe has found the location of the treasure vault of the ruined castle. He’s planted a device to blow up the turnpike road to create traffic chaos as a decoy whilst he recovers the loot. We need you - our best agents - to help us retrieve this code to save our heritage and prevent gridlock!

Mere 1 - Views from Castle Hill

The small country town of Mere nestles beneath the South Wiltshire Downs. Much of the surrounding landscape is designated as Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and the centre of the town is classified as a Conservation area. In the 13th Century the town was dominated by a castle built by The Earl of Cornwall. The castle was abandoned in 1398 but its stone was salvaged to build houses; Mere’s medieval street pattern survives today and The Duchy of Cornwall remains a major landowner.

This circular town and country walking Spy Trail explores varied aspects of the town’s medieval and more recent heritage. With a climb to the summit of Castle Hill, this Trail isn’t for the faint hearted but the stunning views of the Blackmore Vale and Mere Downs are worth the effort! Unfortunately this Trail is not suitable for pushchairs or wheelchairs. However, Mere can also be explored by a circular walking Treasure Hunt that takes in other points of interest within the town.

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