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  • Pembroke

    Pembroke’s recorded history can be traced back to the 11th Century when Roger de Montgomery arrived with a force of Norman soldiers. They erected a castle on the hill that proved to be a very effective defensive position as it was surrounded by water on three sides. The original castle that was erected quickly with earth and timber survived for nearly 100 years before it was fortified with stone. Earlier than this, examinations of the Wogan - an enormous cavern, revealed evidence of prehistoric occupation showing that people have been living in the area for a very long time indeed. There is much history to explore in Pembroke – and not just the castle (opening hours and entrance charges apply if you wish to visit). There are benches along the side of the Mill Pond which would be suitable for a picnic.

    This is a Murder Mystery Trail that has a length of two miles and should take about two hours to complete, longer if you stop for stop for coffee or lunch! The Trail starts close to the Tourist Information Centre that is on Common Road (A4139) on the southern part of the town's ring road. There is plenty of pay and display parking available. As ever in Wales there are hills and slopes on this Trail although it is all on paved grounds so it should be suitable for pushchairs but would be difficult but not impossible for wheelchair users.

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